Great job opportunities for Foreign Citizens in South Africa

For the first time in history there is a global decline in opportunity. Global development is declining in almost every single part of the world with one exception, Africa. As South Africa is one of the biggest players in terms of the continent’s financial status, there are plenty of opportunities with regards to jobs for foreigners in South Africa. If you are looking for a great place to expand your horizons then you should immigrate to South Africa.


Why work in South Africa?

South Africa is a proud nation with a very diverse economy. The country is in dire need of experienced foreign nationals to fill critical skills gaps in the local job market. Currently you have to have a job lined up to even be allowed into the country for work purposes. This can make the question, “How to get a job in South Africa?”, a bit tricky to answer if you are a foreign national. That being said, the country is happy to welcome applications from skilled people in areas that South Africa is experiencing shortages in.

To remedy this dilemma, the South African government has now instituted a new initiative, called the Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa or ASGI-SA. This has been done to ensure that the country’s economic growth continues to be a positive one. This plan involves encouraging foreigners who are skilled, have formal qualifications and a minimum of five years’ practical experience in their field to be recruited in key areas that are experiencing skill shortages. If you want to be eligible for this initiative then you should either already have the experience or be prepared to work in your own country until you have the experience.

Currently this initiative has highlighted the fact that South Africa needs nearly 35,000 jobs for foreigners in South Africa. These jobs span 53 categories where scarce and specialized skills are needed that can’t be filled by the current South African population. Some of these skills shortages are apparent in some of the following sectors: agriculture, engineering, architecture, health professionals and the technology and communication sectors.

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Working conditions

In South Africa, most employees work Monday to Friday and this is done from 9am-5pm. Your maximum permitted normal working time on a weekly basis is 45 hours. Overtime can be agreed with an employer but this is also limited to ten hours per week and voluntary. Workers are allowed up to 21 consecutive days’ annual leave excluding public holidays.

Foreign workers who are looking for work in South Africa will need to register with the South African Revenue Service (SARS), as a new taxpayer. After registering on the website, you can use the SARS system to apply for income tax and edit any of your details conveniently.

What are the Visa requirements for South Africa?

Getting access to a work permit for South Africa can be a bit of a lengthy process. There are a lot of rules and regulations that have to be met before you will be allow to enter the country. When exiting South Arica, your Passport needs to be valid for a minimum period of 30 days from the date of exit and your passport needs to have a minimum of 2 blank pages available when presenting the passport at immigration to enter or leave South Africa.


Immigration to South Africa is quite an involved process and is heavily determined by your ability to contribute to the country. An easy way to let authorities know that you will contribute is to first come to South Africa with a work permit and prove that the country will benefit from your residency.

Work visa application South Africa

For a foreign worker to get a work permit in South Africa, they need to apply for one of these three different permits:

1. Critical skills work visa South Africa – this is for highly skilled foreign nationals who have a minimum of five years’ practical experience. Your visa will be valid for the period of employment but it is however subject to annual reviews.

2. General work visa – This visa, as the name suggests, will only be given to foreigners with general qualifications. This type of Visa is valid for the duration of your work in South Africa.

3. Intra-company transfer work visa South Africa – This is only handed to those who have been asked to transfer to a South African branch by their multi-national company. This Visa is valid for a two year work period and you can get it extended to four years but this must be done within South Africa’s borders.


**Please be advised that Job Mail does NOT do the work permits or visa’s for the potential employees in South Africa**

We hoped this article helped to clarify some things on how to get a job in South Africa. Jobs in South Africa for foreigners are ever increasing due to the country’s skills shortage. If you are considering immigration to South Africa, browse through some of the vacancies on Job Mail to discover the employment opportunities that are out there. Register your CV on Job Mail and start applying for exciting jobs for foreigners in South Africa today.

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  1. I need a job for cleaning offices

  2. Md. Abbas says:

    I want to work as an administrative assistant. How can I find this job ?

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Check the listings for “Admin Assistant” on Job Mail and apply (if you meet all the requirements for the position)

  3. Hi there – If you have not registered your CV on Job Mail yet, follow this link: Once you’ve registered, look for Jobs that you need at and apply for them! Alternatively, set up a job alert to receive the latest jobs in your field via e-mail at Hope you find employment soon!

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    need job for web design or mobile servicing sector.

  6. jabbs says:

    hie i have been in aviation for four and half years being a aircraft technical records clerk , how best can you assist i need something to do that side preferably aviation

  7. dallars says:

    hie l a semi qualified auto electrician in Zimbabwe
    how best can l get a job in SA to upgrade myself please help

  8. Ebby C. Muyatwa says:

    My two sons just graduated at Varsity College in Pretoria: 1) Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practices 2) IT Software Development

  9. Ebby C. Muyatwa says:

    Please assist in getting employment for them

  10. Asraf says:

    Hi Team,

    I have 6 years of experience as a Software Development.
    as of now i am in India. please suggest me to find job in SA for my profile.

  11. Joyce says:

    Hi all my name is Joyce and i have Honours degree in psychology. I am looking for Job as an Human Resource Officer and love working with Non Governmental Agencies . please advise

  12. Donnel says:

    hi there – I have more than 20 years production experience and i am failing to get a job. I posses a Diploma in Production Management , a Diploma in Business Management and a quality assurance certificate. I come from Zimbabwe and have a special skills permit. Back in Zimbabwe ,I used to work for big organization. Should you have anything call me on this number 0787175685

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