Google +1: What it does and why we’re going to use it!

It is clear that South Africans have embraced the social media phenomenon. Facebook statistics for South Africa show an alarming 4.1 million users. With social media spilling into every lifestyle activity of today, the currency of authentication is social presence.  Together with Twitter, many people are interacting more with peers and affiliates, both corporate and social. Networking is now by default the easiest means of a business or social relationship. It is important to note that Google as a company has gone through extreme lengths to enhance usability and serve online functions well. Not only have they revolutionised the web and how we search for things, but they have given measuring tools to govern and better run businesses and online activity everywhere.

Think of Google +1 as an advisor as you navigate your mouse across the World Wide Web. Going to a site now, users will often find Facebook share button that can come in the form of a ‘Send’, ‘Recommend’ or ‘Share’ button. These buttons share the desired page to your friends’ newsfeed or their message inbox. Additionally, Facebook’s ‘Like’ button lets a user like something or displays what the users’ friend liked.  With Google +1 , users click on the +1 button that functions similar to the ‘Like’ button, but within your Google social circle.

Google + 1, simply put is a recommendation anchor that lets you see a hub of your social network as you interact with the web. To break this down even simpler, Google + 1 is someone from you social circle, giving you a ‘thumbs up’ for different things on the web. By seeing these +1’s from your social circle, you will be more inclined to trust your engagement with the recommended content. Be it an offering or an article, +1 is your personal guideline, steering you to your personal choices and preferences.

Using +1 means aiding the successful system of social inter-action together with engagement that helps instead of just entertains. Job Mail recently added the Google +1 button on each advert. Users can take pleasure in knowing that Job Mail is at the epicentre of online relevance. This not only makes us feel great, but it gives South Africa the key to convenient and productive transacting.

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  1. ulandah says:

    I love the article, but then I’m looking for the Google + button to recommend this post??? where is it?

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