Good with glass? Become a glazier

Are you looking for building jobs? If you enjoy working with glass, becoming a glazier might be the right choice for you. From measuring and cutting glass to installing metal frames, there is a range of tasks that are associated with this position. Read our blog to discover everything you need to know about the role of a glazier. If you enjoy working with your hands, you can find construction jobs on Job Mail.

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What is a glazier and what do they do?

So, what is a glazier? Glaziers are responsible for choosing and cutting pieces of glass. Their duties include installing as well as removing glass. These professionals can also be referred to as window glass fitters, glass cutters, and mirror installers. They are tasked with reviewing architectural plans and completing duties on construction sites. Glaziers measure glass and mark it before cutting out a specified pattern. They use a variety of tools including glasscutters. Professionals in this field are required to secure glass panes onto frames by using glazier’s points. They apply putty neatly with the aim of securing the panes and sealing joints. Another important part of the role of a glazier is to install mirrors as well as glass doors. They attach hinges and locks to readymade glass doors. Glaziers also set up metal frames before fitting the glass inside the frame. They apply finishes to glass in accordance with their client’s specifications.

Where can a glazier find employment?

If you enjoy working with glass, there are plenty of employment opportunities available. Glass fitters can find employment in residential areas where they are responsible for replacing windows and shower doors in people’s homes. They can also be hired to install or repair skylights and glass table tops. Glaziers can find construction jobs in the commercial sector. This involves working on the interior of commercial buildings. In this case, they are required to install or repair store-front windows or display cases. They can also be tasked with the installation of huge mirrors. A third option is to look for vacancies in the employment industries. Glaziers who work in this sector are required to install or repair windows and windscreens. Window fitters can find employment in large or small firms where they work as part of a team. Another option is to be self-employed. Once you have experience in the industry, you can work as a window surveyor or an estimator. This position involves visiting building sites and writing quotes for clients. Sales positions are also another employment opportunity that window fitters can apply for.

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What skills do glass fitters need?

Similar to other building jobs, glaziers need to be able to work with their hands. They should be practically minded and precise. Methodical individuals who are able to uphold high safety standards are well-suited to this position, and an interest in construction is also beneficial. If you’re afraid of heights, working as a glazier is not the right role for you. Another requirement is the ability to interact with clients in a friendly and professional manner. The ability to calculate measurements and adjustment is necessary for this role. You will also need to be physically fit. Organisational capabilities and the ability to meet deadlines are also required.

How to become a glazier

There are a variety of pathways that you can take to become a glazier. One option is to complete an apprenticeship that involves theoretical training at a TVET college as well as practical training with a qualified artisan. Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you’ll need to pass a trade test at an accredited institute. Aspiring glass fitters can also complete a Chemical Operations learnership prior to writing a trade test. If you have years of experience working with glass, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning before writing a trade test. Important organisations to take note of if you are entering this profession include the Safety Glazing Certification Council as well as the South African Glass and Glazing Association.

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Now that you know more about the role of a glazier, you can search for construction jobs online. Whether you want to work in the commercial or residential sector, there are exciting career opportunities available.

Good with glass? Become a glazier
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Good with glass? Become a glazier
Are you looking for building jobs? If you enjoy working with glass, becoming a glazier might be the right choice for you.
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