Get to travel the world with Cruise Ship jobs

Cruise ship jobs are the perfect way to see the world and gain invaluable experience. Fun and exciting, working on cruise ships offers a wide selection of job opportunities – from nail technicians and beauty therapists, to chefs and baristas – there is a job in almost any field.


Advantages of working on Cruise Ships

Cruise ship jobs are a great way to not only gain a large amount of work experience, but see different parts of the world while doing it.


The first major advantage of working on a cruise ship is being paid to travel. While you will be working hard, you will be meeting new people, seeing awesome places and experiencing all sorts of cultures.

You will also have the opportunity to save up some money. Earning foreign currency is always a plus, but aside from that, your expenditures will not be that much. Your accommodation and meals are included and you can cut back on some extra costs like rent, groceries and even gas.


Working on a floating holiday destination is awesome in itself, but being able to gain tons of experience, be it in the hospitality industry or as a nail technician, is priceless. You will work with more people than you would in any beauty shop or hotel, giving you that work experience to boost your CV and career.

Remember that these types of jobs are not all fun and games. It’s hard work – both mentally and physically – so remember to take long hours and home sickness into account before applying for cruise ship jobs.

Types of Cruise Ship jobs


Working on cruise ships is not only exciting, but there is a job in just about any sector you can imagine. Jobs on cruise ships are usually divided into two different departments – Hotel Operations and Marine Operations.

Hotel Operations is further divided into a number of different departments, all setup to ensure that the passengers’ experience on the ship itself is fun, fantastic and unforgettable. Some of these departments and jobs on cruise ships include:

1. Casino Operations


Jobs in this department range to include everything from a Casino Host and Dealer to a Cashier. Note that, because of the nature of these jobs, you will be required to have some experience as well as exceptional customer services skills.

Being a Casino Host will require a little more skill as you will, in many cases, form part of the Casino’s Marketing and Operations team. You will be in contact with the High Value guests and thus required to not only act as an ambassador, but be able to build strategic relationships that will help drive gaming revenue.

2. Culinary


The Culinary department on cruise ships are usually quite big and a number of opportunities are available here. From a Baker and an Asian Cuisine Commis Cook, to a Food and Beverage Administrator, the possibilities in this department are almost endless.

A Butcher, for example, will be responsible for the smooth operation of the butchery and required to handle all the cutting and pre-preparation of poultry, meats such as beef and pork, as well as seafood. The Butcher will also have to adhere to USPH (United States Public Health) standards as well as ensure that they produce a minimum amount of ‘waste’.

Working on cruise ships, Sous Chefs will be required take part in various operations ranging to include the management of the culinary activities, while the Pantry Cook’s main duties will include preparing delicious dishes that meets the high standards of the cruise liner.

When it comes to the culinary department, you will also find more specific roles, like Chef de Partie – Pastry and Chef de Partie – Sushi. This is perfect if you want to specialise and gain experience in specific culinary arts.

Other cruise ship jobs in this department range to include Coffeeman, Buffet Cook, Culinary Administrator, Commis Cook, Pastry Cook and Executive Sous Chef.

3. Entertainment

Entertainment-Jobs-on-a-Cruise-Ship Entertainment-Jobs-on-Cruise-Ships

This is where all the fun takes place. From the stage to the tennis court, if you are looking for entertainment jobs on cruise ships, this is where you want to be.

Positions available in this department range from Youth and Stage Staff, to Sport and Cruise Staff.

Youth Staff are seasonal staff and requires you to work with children – from playing games to taking part in parades, high energy levels and a fun personality is a must. You will also be responsible for determining what activities are suitable for your age group as well as fulfil the needs of any children in your group.

Stage Staff on the other hand requires the assembly and disassembly of stage equipment. Conferring with the Stage and Production Manager, you will be responsible for setting up equipment, lighting, sets, props and more.

Sport Staff also form part of the entertainment crew on the ship and require high levels of energy. From working the Rock Climbing Wall and the Bungee Trampoline, to taking part in the ship’s themed activities (like an 80’s dance party), you will have fun while working up a sweat.

4. Food and Beverage Services


If you love working with food and interacting with people, this department is for you. From waitressing staff to baristas, there really is a ton of food-related jobs on cruise ships.

Cruise ship jobs in this department includes Sommelier, who is responsible for supplying guests with an excellent wine service, Bar Server, responsible for suggesting, serving and selling beverages to passengers, and Café Attendant, responsible for suggesting menu items with complementing drinks as well as serving.

Jobs that require more experience in this department are positions like Beverage Manager, responsible for ensuring continuous and accurate bar service operations, and Assistant Restaurant Manager, responsible for not only participating in the service of all products, but have a knowledge of the current menus.

5. Housekeeping


If you are looking for jobs on cruise ships, the Housekeeping Department is another great option. Playing a key role in the satisfaction and comfort of all the guests on board, Housekeeping staff are dedicated perfectionists.

This department offers a number of jobs in different categories – from a Tailor and Florist, to Deck Supervisor and Pool Attended, the options here are huge.

While a Deck Supervisor will be in charge of overseeing the performance of cleaners and butlers, Tailors are responsible for altering and mending garments for guests. The Florist is responsible for not only managing the flower shop, but also maintaining the live plants on board the ship.

Pool Attendants will be responsible for maintaining a clean and safe pool area, while Linenkeepers are responsible for the entire ship’s linen needs – from delivering clean and dirty linen, to delivering washed uniforms to personal.

6. Spa Staff


All cruise ships have luxurious spas where guests can take some time for themselves, kick back and relax. This also means that great opportunities are available for beauty therapists, stylist and nail technicians.

Other types of cruise ship jobs available in this department range to include message therapists, personal trainers, hair stylists, barbers, acupuncturists and even receptionists.

7. Photography


Another job opportunity on cruise ships, you will be required to not only have a solid knowledge of Digital SLR Cameras but good interpersonal skills as well. You will work with a number of people on a daily basis and, as a cruise ship photographer, you will be required to capture the guests’ special memories.

Cruise ships will in some cases outsource this service to an external company. Despite this, these photography companies do hire all experience levels, so working on cruise ships is a great opportunity if you want to build up a portfolio.

The photography staff on a cruise ship includes photographers, photo lab managers and videographers to name but a few examples.

Note that there are tons of different jobs on cruise ships within the Hotel Operations Department including Financial Services, Hotel Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Inventory, On Board Marketing, Medical, IT and Guests Services.

The Marine Operations department is where you will find all the jobs that are more technical in nature. Sub departments here range to include the Deck staff, who are responsible for the navigational safety and integrity of the ship itself, Electrical staff, who take on the responsibility of distributing power throughout the entire ship, Engine staff, responsible for the ship’s propulsion and power plant, Security staff and the Environmental staff, taking on the responsibilities of the environmental management system as well as the prevention of environmental incidents.

From electrical engineers and compliance officers, to AEP commissioning engineers and refrigeration engineers, the Marine Operations department is for you.

Working on Cruise Ships

Jobs-On-Cruise-Ships Jobs-On-Cruise-Ships-South-Africa

Working on cruise ships, your contract will depend on the seasons and the routes the liner itself travels. Your contract length and leave will depend on a number of factors including your position and your rank in that position.

While most cruise ship jobs will have an average contract of four to six months on board with a six to eight week vacation, senior management staff in the Hotel Operations department might spend four months on board with eight weeks’ vacation time. Marine officers on the other hand might spend ten weeks on board followed by a ten week long vacation.

Working on cruise ships is the ideal option for young and dynamic people. With a six month contract you can gain a ton of experience in the tourism industry and see amazing places.

Interested in finding awesome jobs on cruise ships? Register your CV on Job Mail and start applying for cruise ship jobs today!

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