Get the Most out of your Online CV

The internet has definitely bridged the gap between the job seeker and the recruiter by bringing them into direct contact. Gone are the days of job seekers posting or faxing their CV to a possible employer… Job seekers are now able to instantly upload their CV’s online and be accessible and contactable by countless recruiters.  But how do you, as a job seeker, ensure that your CV doesn’t just get lost in the haystack, but targets the right recruiters? Here are a few great tips for completing your online CV on Job Mail to get good results:

1. Complete all the fields

By providing as much as possible information, recruiters will be able to find you quicker in their CV searches. It will also create the impression that you are thorough and possibly a good candidate for the job.

2. Include keywords

Use keywords that recruiters are likely to search for and that will identify your profile or CV the best on CV searches. Enter comma separated keywords e.g. sales, marketing, communication etc.

3. List your skills/experience

By listing your main skills or fields of experience, recruiters will be able to find your CV quicker as your skills will match their specific requirements. For best results, list skills that are relevant to the job you desire, as well as transferable skills such as team-building, problem-solving and planning.

4. Include a cover letter

This is an opportunity to market yourself and highlight your strengths. Be concise and to the point, but try to sound positive and dynamic by using active verbs. Your cover letter will make the first impression and determine whether or not you capture a recruiter’s attention.

5. Check your spelling and grammar

Submitting an online CV is so convenient and instant, but this has definitely contributed to a lessened attention to detail. To make a good impression on the possible employer and improve your chances of securing an interview, make sure the copy in your online CV is of good quality.

6. Be honest

You’re setting yourself up for failure by misrepresenting yourself and your abilities. Grossly overstating your accomplishments or skills may come back to haunt you during an interview or even eliminate your chances of securing an interview. So, just be honest and spare yourself the embarrassment!

Hope this info is useful. Click here to submit your online CV on Job Mail today!

Good luck in your job search!

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4 Responses

  1. REFILWE says:

    Looking for a job, please help, I will realy appreciate your help. Please hire me, I’ll do the best I can for your company. Hoping for positive responce and I believe Job Mail will help me as it did help others.

    • Job Mailer says:

      @Refilwe Make use of the Job Mail website’s browse and search option to find the position that you are looking for

  2. Juan says:

    I’ve tried to upload my latest cv but with no success. I’m keep getting the following message : Upload must only be in Word or PDF format!

    I’ve tried it as a pdf (219kb) a word document, .docx (23kb) as well as older word document, .doc (46kb) but the same error every time.

    Please help

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