Get into the legal profession with Paralegal jobs

Are you interested in paralegal jobs on Job Mail? From the financial rewards to the job satisfaction, there are plenty of reasons to pursue this legal career.

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What is a Paralegal?

So, what is a paralegal? A paralegal is responsible for supporting solicitors or legal executives. These are legal jobs and employees in this role give legal advice and provide customer care.

The Paralegal Job Description

Some tasks associated with the paralegal job description include compiling legal documents and writing agreements. Paralegals assist solicitors and legal executives by compiling official letters and court documents. They also compile contracts.

Another important part of this role involves reviewing contracts and defining contract terms. Professionals in the field carry out legal research and draft legal opinions. They offer assistance to lawyers during meetings and committee processes.

paralegal jobs

They also assist with organisational processes. Employees in this role offer technical support to other legal employees and they are responsible for arranging legal seminars.

Another part of the paralegal job description is liaising with other legal professionals when it is required, and they oversee the control of legal documents.

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Working as a Paralegal

There are numerous benefits to finding paralegal jobs. Paralegal positions come with financial benefits as well as job satisfaction.


The prospects of the legal industry are good as people always require lawyers and lawyers always require paralegals. Another benefit of this role is that a paralegal salary averages R115,541 annually according to Payscale.

Income depends on the location of the job, the size of the company as well as the area of law. It also depends on the individual’s experience and qualifications.

A paralegal also plays a role in helping others through challenging experiences. Their services can benefit the lives of other people, allowing these types of legal jobs to offer opportunity for growth. Once they have gained experience, professionals in the field can apply for supervisor and management positions.

Law firms aren’t the only place that paralegals can find work. Large hospitals and banks have in-house legal departments which require the services of paralegals. Insurance and finance companies also hire employees in this role.

legal jobs

As a paralegal you will have the option to work as a freelancer. This will give you more flexibility as you will be working on a contract basis. As a freelancer can choose to work from home or from an office.

Another benefit of the job is that you can choose to specialise which generally results in an increased income. If you decide to work as a freelancer, having specialisation is advantageous. If you are interested in becoming a lawyer, paralegal jobs are a great way to gain experience and develop your skills.

Variety is also something you can look forward to. Each client and case are different which means that paralegals have to spend time researching and improving their knowledge in different subjects. This helps to keep the work interesting and engaging.

paralegal jobs in south africa

While there are plenty of advantages to working as a paralegal, there are also some aspects of this role that need further consideration. Part of the paralegal job description includes menial tasks such as data capturing and the preparation of inventories. The job also requires you to work under pressure.

This role can be stressful and demanding as you will need to meet deadlines and assist with trial preparation. Paralegals’ jobs often come with long working hours which include working at night and on weekends.

How to become a Paralegal in South Africa

Do you have what it takes to succeed as a paralegal? To excel in this career you will need to be reliable and trustworthy. The ability to be discreet is also vital. A professional demeanour and polite telephone manner are required for this position. Paralegals need to have an interest in the law. They must also be able to work under pressure. Good communication skills and computer literacy are other requirements.

If you are interested in legal jobs in this particular field, you will need to complete the right training. Your role as well as the level of responsibility that you are given will depend on your experience and training.

paralegal courses

Paralegal courses will increase your chances of being hired. If you have a National Senior Certificate, you can complete a Certificate or Diploma in Paralegal Studies. Legal secretaries can become eligible for this role by completing relevant training courses and programmes.

Legal secretaries, who have completed short paralegal courses, have an increased chance of securing a job. Another option is to complete a Bachelor of Law. Courses are available at the South African School of Legal Studies. Boston College and the South African Law School are other options. Paralegals have the option of joining the South African Paralegals Association.

Building your Paralegal career

When you are starting out, you may need to gain experience by accepting another role in a law firm. You can work as a junior legal assistant or as a file clerk to get your career started. Joining the South African Paralegal Association can also be advantageous.

career as a paralegal

Networking is an important part of job searching. Start making contacts while you are still studying. Enrolling for volunteer work can help to expand your network. Another option is to apply for an internship at a law firm to improve your skills and gain valuable experience in the industry.

Qualified and ready to kick-start your legal career? Apply for paralegal jobs on Job Mail by registering your CV and finding a vacancy that matches your skills and your requirements.

Get into the legal profession with Paralegal jobs
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Get into the legal profession with Paralegal jobs
Are you interested in paralegal jobs? From the financial rewards to the job satisfaction, there are plenty of reasons to pursue this legal career.
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