Get added exposure for your vacancies with Top Ads

Great news for Employers! Now your vacancies can get added exposure on Job Mail with our Top Ads feature!

How does it work?

When a job seeker searches or browses for available positions on the Job Mail site that matches keyword / industry Top Ads are displayed on the top of the search results and get priority ranking over other ads in the search results.

When a job seeker browses a category and region that your adverts may appear in, Top Ads will also get priority ranking and be display on the top of the page.

Our Top Ads feature is a paid service, but is very valuable as you will get added exposure for your vacancies and get more views and applications on your Job Mail ads.

Job Mail Top Ads Screenshot

There are 2 Top Ads products available:

  • 2 Weeks with a logo
  • 30 days with a logo

If you are you interested in this  fantastic offer, please email our consultant or phone 012 342 3840 x2620.

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