Geological Jobs: Exciting local and international positions

Geological jobs create fascinating career opportunities both locally and internationally. Geology jobs in South Africa include working on large construction sites or in the mining industry.


Geologists study the development and structure of the earth. They analyse rocks and minerals to determine the processes which have influenced the earth’s formation. Chemistry and Physics are used during the analysis to account for these processes. Tasks which are associated with this position include writing reports, speaking at conferences and testing soil or rocks.

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Engineering Geologist

Engineering Geologists evaluate the in-depth technical details of the earth. A primary task of this position is performing risk assessments for potential geological dangers. Another important task is detecting geological factors that could threaten engineering projects. Engineering Geologists are hired by construction companies to analyse the composition of the soil and rock before big construction projects commence. There are also positions available across a range of sectors. Engineering Geologists are required to read maps, collect data, write reports, oversee staff and attend meetings.


Exploration Geologists

Exploration Geologists are responsible for predicting where mineral deposits are located. There are numerous international positions available for Exploration Geologists. They can find employment at mineral extraction companies. They are also required to analyse the quality of mineral deposits as well as predict the quantity of mineral deposits that can be found at a certain location. Exploration Geologists work on site as well as in an office. Fieldwork is required for this position. Tasks associated with this job include determining extraction hazards, analysing data and surveying sites.


Mine Geologists

Opportunities for Mine Geologists exists both locally and internationally. Mining involves extracting gold and base metals. Mine Geologists are responsible for finding new mineral resources. They assess geological data with the aim of devising mining production plans. Employment opportunities are available in private companies while it is also possible for a Mining Geologist to establish a consultancy. Tasks include carrying out surveys, upholding health and safety regulations as well as liaising with experts.


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