Fun and exciting Typist Jobs in South Africa

Typist jobs can either be a career on its own, like transcription jobs for example, or typing can form part of your daily tasks, like seen in Journalism and Personal Assistant jobs. Today the Job Mail team takes a look at both and gives you more information on the different types of jobs that will either revolve around typing, or involve typing.

Jobs that require fast typing skills

In this section we want to tell you more about the different types of jobs that will require you to have solid typing skills. From Data Entry to Transcription jobs, below you will find more information on each as well as some information on training courses available in South Africa.


Word Processor

Typists, also commonly referred to as word processors, are responsible for, very simply put, typing. Typing jobs can involve everything from typing out letters and handwritten notes, to reports. Requiring that you not only be a fast typer, but an accurate one as well, typist jobs are also found in more specialised fields – like data entry, translation and subtitling.


If you would like to up your training and build on your typing skills, you can enrol for a short training programme. One of these programmes includes the ‘Short Programme in Information Processing and Touch Typing’ from Damelin.

Transcription Jobs

Also sometimes referred to as an audio typist, transcription jobs involve transferring audio (like those recorded on tape or other digital mediums) into ‘words’ on a document. Requiring fast typing skills, these types of jobs are found in a number of industries – from the medical field to the legal field.


You will be required to write (or type) as you listen to the recording. This means that you should not only be an excellent listener, but also have some insanely fast typing skills coupled with excellent accuracy.

Training: Short courses and training programmes are available if you are interested in this career field. Wits Language School does offer an NQF Level 5 stand-alone short course. Other organisations worth checking out in this regard include Transcribe SA.

Closed Captioning and Subtitling

Subtitling requires an individual to create text from audio and visual media, while captioning, though identical to subtitling, involves catering more for the needs of audiences that are a hearing impaired.


Like seen with transcription jobs, you will be required to have fast typing skills coupled with accuracy and an eye for detail.

Data Entry

Requiring accuracy and proficient typing skills, Data Entry or Data Capturing jobs, mentioned in our ‘Entry Level Jobs that don’t require a Degree’ post, involves digitally capturing data. With a strong computer literacy and an understanding of how different software works, you will also have to be a well organised and reliable person with accurate typing ability coupled with speed.


Various Data Capturing courses are on offer in South Africa as well. Boston City Campus and Business College for example offers a short training programme requiring a minimum of a Grade 10 Certificate. Continuing Education at the University of Pretoria also offers the ‘Basic Routine Health Information Systems for Data Capturers’ course that covers everything from Computer Literacy to Health Information systems.

Jobs where typing will form part of your daily tasks

While the typist jobs in this section might not always solely revolve around typing, it will require you to have typing skills as well as a certain type of knowledge. From a PA to Translation Jobs, we explain a little of what each involves and the type of training and qualification, where applicable, that might be required for each.

Personal Assistant Jobs

A personal assistant wears multiple hats and being able to type – some employers insisting on a high typing speed – will only be one of the requirements of these positions. Secretary and Personal Assistant jobs involve everything from dealing with email correspondence and taking minutes, to typing out the minutes of a meeting and even reports.


Depending on the field or industry you do work in, you can attend short training programmes that can help you with your typing skills. Working as a Personal Assistant you will need mad multitasking and organisational skills, as well as strong communication skills – both verbal and written.


If you would like to become a PA, you can start lower down the food chain and work yourself up from secretary positions. To help you along the way, you can up your skills and enrol for certificate and diploma courses at institutions like INTEC (offering everything from a Company Secretary Certificate to an Executive Assistant Higher Diploma) and Damelin (offering a DCC Personal Assistant Diploma).

Journalist, Writers and Reporters

If you are in the field of reporting or a writer by trade, you will be well aware of how typing skills can make your work a whole lot easier. Because you will be required to create articles and reports on a deadline basis, having fast and accurate skills when it comes to typing, will be highly beneficial.


If you are interested in the field of Journalism and Communication, you have the option of attending a University. Various Universities offer Communication Science degrees, including UNISA. The Cape Peninsula University of Technology offers a National Diploma as well as a Baccalaureus in Journalism, while the Wits Journalism programme is another option, offering various study options depending on the field you want to enter as well as your work experience.

Legal Typist Jobs

Working exclusively with legal documentation, legal typist jobs involve not only the creating of legal documentation, but requires you to have a good and strong knowledge of the legal world as well as the terminology, proceedings and legal processes.


In terms of training, you can enrol for Legal Secretary programmes like the INTEC Legal Secretary Professional Certificate which covers everything from an introduction to Law in South Africa, to Computyping. Boston City Campus and Business School also offers an Executive Legal Secretary course. Your other study options include tertiary institutions like College SA and INTEC.

Translation Jobs

Aside from requiring fast typing skills, typing jobs in the field of translation also require an in-depth knowledge of the languages you will be working with. Entailing that you possess not only multitasking abilities as well as accuracy, translators are also well trained.


If you have a deep love for languages and would like to pursue translation jobs, you can complete your studies at a wide range of universities and institutions in South Africa. These range to include the Central University of Technology (ranging from a National Diploma to a Baccalaureus in Language Practice), the Durban University of Technology (offering from a National Diploma to a BTech in Translation and Interpreting Practice) and the University of Johannesburg, to name but a few.

Typist Jobs currently listed on Job Mail

If you are looking for jobs where your typing skills are required, Job Mail features a number of typist vacancies.

Typist in Richards Bay

With a monthly salary of R 8 000, this position requires candidates to type a minimum of 45 words per minute and also fulfil general administrative duties.


Kempton Park Typist Vacancy

Offering a monthly salary of R 9 000 per month, this positions requires candidates to type at least 60 words per minute.


Typist Wanted in Centurion

Located in Centurion, this position requires a bilingual individual with excellent typing skills. This positions offers a monthly salary of R 7 500.


Do you have the right skills for amazing typist jobs? Whether you’re a skilled Personal Assistant or have the required skills for Legal Typist jobs, Job Mail is the place to be. Register your CV on and apply for awesome opportunities and vacancies in your field of interest.

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