Fulfilling careers within the restaurant industry

The restaurant industry in South Africa provides plenty of exciting employment opportunities. Whether you want to find waitress jobs or managerial work, there are a variety of options to choose from in the hospitality sector. The benefit of finding waiter jobs is that they offer part-time work. Hostess jobs are ideal for people who enjoy interacting with the restaurant’s clientele. If you have experience in the industry you can apply for restaurant manager jobs. Register your CV, browse through the vacancies and apply for restaurant jobs on Job Mail. Here is useful information about hospitality careers so that you have a better idea of what vacancies to apply for.


Chef Jobs in the Restaurant Industry

Chef jobs include Commis Chef and Chef de Partie positions. The Commis Chef typically prepares food and learns the foundations of cooking. Chef de Partie is a junior level position which involves overseeing one section of the kitchen. They may be tasked with making sauces or soups. The Demi Chef is involved in meal preparation as well as other tasks such as budgeting. The Second Chef helps the Executive Chef to manage the kitchen. Executive chefs are responsible for supervising a team of kitchen staff. The position of Executive Chef usually entails long working hours. To be eligible for this position relevant work experience is crucial. A culinary diploma and training in the culinary arts is recommended. Other tasks include administrative work as well as ensuring that safety and hygiene regulations are adhered to. They plan menus and oversee the aesthetic presentation of the meals. To excel as a chef you will need to have a passion for food. You will need to be a team player with the ability to work under high pressure. Long hours and shift work is associated with these positions.


Hostess Jobs

Restaurant jobs also include hostess positions. The main duty of a hostess is to welcome guests to the restaurant and show them to their seats. It is essential to be friendly to succeed as a hostess. If you are considering applying for hostess positions, make sure that you have good interpersonal skills. Hostesses must be well-groomed and professional.


Working as a Bartender

Bartender jobs offer part-time work. These positions are great for students who need to earn extra cash. This work is a suitable option for people who are studying as it offers flexible working hours that can be scheduled after lectures. If you are looking for regular work, you can schedule more shifts to suit your availability. Bartenders are responsible for pouring drinks for customers. Depending on the establishment you may be asked to pour more complicated alcoholic beverages such as cocktails. Restaurants often provide in-house training for employees who are new to the industry. However experience as well as a knowledge of the drinks that your prospective employer serves is advantageous. This position requires physical stamina as you will be required to spend long hours on your feet. You will also need to be hard-working if you want to excel as a bartender. During busy periods you will have to work fast to get drinks for clients.


Restaurant Manager Jobs

Managerial work is a senior level position that comes with increased responsibilities. Managers oversee the running of the restaurant and ensure that the staff members are performing their positions efficiently. They help to motivate staff members. Managers are responsible for the day-to-day activities of the restaurant. Budgeting and stock control are other duties that are associated with this position. You will typically need experience in the hospitality industry to apply for managerial roles. Leadership and interpersonal skills are vital for managerial roles. You will need to be hard-working, dedicated and reliable.


Restaurant Jobs listed on Job Mail

Take a look at some of the restaurant jobs which are available on Job Mail.

Restaurant Manager in Bloemfontein

A full-time position is available for a Restaurant Manager in Bloemfontein. This job has a monthly remuneration of R 10 000 – R 17 000. The successful candidate must have matric as well as a minimum of two years of experience in the industry. There are opportunities for progression in this career.


Restaurant Manager

A position is available for a Restaurant Manager. A monthly remuneration of R 8 000 to R 12 000 is offered for this post. Eligible applicants must have a hospitality diploma as well as a minimum of three years of relevant experience. Tasks include buying stock, stock control and budgeting.


Now that you know more about restaurant jobs you can decide which position is best suited to your skills and capabilities. Reviewing the responsibilities that you will be tasked with once you are hired can help you to excel at your job. Whether you are looking to launch your career or you need part-time work to supplement your income, this field is definitely a suitable option. From waitress jobs to vacancies for chefs and hostesses, register your CV on Job Mail now and start applying!

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