Frequently asked Questions from Employers who use Job Mail

At Job Mail we get a lot of questions from Employers about our website and how to use it. Today we’re covering answers to those Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ’s).

How do I place a free advert?

  • Click on PLACE A FREE JOB AD
  • You can either log in first and then place ads or place ads first and then log in / register
  • Type in advert details
  • Press SUBMIT
  • It will take you to a success page.
  • You will get a confirmation via e-mail, once the advert has been proofread.

Why can’t I select a city when placing an advert?

  • Your browser may be outdated.
  • If you are  using Internet Explorer Version 8 or older (which is unfortunately not supported) please update to the latest Internet Explorer or download Google chrome at this link.

How do I register with Job Mail?

  • Click on the register link on the top right of the Job Mail home page.
  • Fill in the required details and SUBMIT.
  • A username and password will be emailed to you.

How do I repeat my adverts?

  • Login to your Job Mail account with your Username & Password.
  • On “My Job Ads”, click on “Current Vacancies”.
  • All your current vacancies will appear.
  • Click “[Repeat Vacancy]” for each advert you want repeated.

How do I delete an advert?

  • Login to your Employer Account on Job Mail and click on “My Job Ads”
  • Click on current vacancies
  • Click on “Delete Ad” below the advert to remove it.

How do I change my password?

  • Login with your Username & Password
  • On “My Job Ads” Under “My Profile”, click on “Change password”
  • Type in the new Password and SUBMIT

How do I edit my profile?

As a free employer you cannot edit your profile, this is a premium feature.

My advert does not submit

  • When placing an advert and it does not submit, you will get a message in red next to certain fields
  • Check what the message says and complete the field on the advert

E.g. the advert may be too long in which case you will need to shorten the advert text

What constitutes as a free ad?

  • A free ad is job specific
  • A free ad states a basic salary
  • A free ad is not longer than 500 characters
  • A free ad gives the recruiter’s contact details
  • A free ad appears online instantly for 30 days and is published in the next weekly print edition of Job Mail (which is published every week on Thursdays).

What is a Top Ad?

This is an advert that will rotate with other adverts on the top of the page of a certain category. It is a payable ad giving you maximum exposure to Job Seekers.

How do I place a Top Ad?

  • Login as an Employer.
  • Under Place an ad select 500 characters Top Ad.
  • Complete the form and proceed to payment checkout.

How much does it cost to use Job Mail?

  • Registration is FREE.
  • Ad placement is FREE (if you comply with the free advert criteria).
  • There’s an additional cost to view CV’s.
  • You can view Premium Advertising Options here.

When do I have to pay?

  • If you don’t meet any of the free ad criteria.
  • If you want to put your company logo with the job advert.
  • If you want access to the Job Mail CV Database.

How long does my advert stay Online?

  • A free ad stays online for 30 days.
  • Premium adverts stay online dependent on the expiry date the employer chooses.

Can I search CV’s if I am a Free Employer?

You can get an idea of how many CV’s we have in a category and or region, however no contact details or further details are available, you need to be a premium client to get the CV and details. If you want access to CV’s, please contact our sales team.

Can I set up an alert?

You can set up an alert to be notified when job seekers become available based on the criteria you have set up for an advert.

Why can’t I see the details of the Job Seeker when I click on the link in the email to view a candidate from an alert that I set up?

This feature is only available to Premium employers.

If you have any queries about Free ads, please contact us via

If you have any queries about Premium Advertising Options, please contact us via

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