Forensic Jobs: Explore a career in the world of CSI

Forensic investigation jobs offer exciting positions working for the police department. Read our blog to find out more about the opportunities forensic jobs offer.


A Career in Forensic Science

Forensic science jobs involve investigating crime scenes and gathering chemical-related evidence. As a forensic analyst you will be required to examine items from fires as well as from toxicological investigations.


Another task that is associated with this position is dealing with the hazardous waste which is found at the sites of crimes. By reviewing the chemical evidence forensic scientists can find out important information about the crime. The evidence that they collect and their deductions from analysing this evidence can play a crucial role in convicting criminals.

A forensic scientist assists the police. Other tasks that are associated with this position include writing reports and updating databases. This position may involve working irregular hours. If you are good at problem-solving, then this career may be suited to you. You will also need to be detail-orientated and determined.

Forensic Investigation Jobs

Forensic investigator jobs form a large part of the criminal justice sector. Forensic investigators are required to analyse evidence at crime scenes. Their duties include carrying out experiments on evidence at the scene of the crime.

Although forensic investigation jobs come with general responsibilities the tasks that you perform are specific to the area that you are working in. The types of crimes that you are analysing will also affect your duties.


Duties may include gathering and labelling evidence and gathering DNA samples. Forensic jobs also involve the collection of fingerprints. Taking photos of the crime scene and organizing evidence are other tasks which are associated with this position.

Generally forensic investigators work 40 hours a week but longer hours may be required for certain cases. If you are enthusiastic about science and you pay attention to detail, this may be the perfect career for you.

Biological Forensic Analysts

If you are interested in criminology jobs, another option is to become a biological forensic analyst. Employees in this position are responsible for analysing DNA. They assist the police department by examining human tissue, hair and bodily fluids.


Dental records also provide valuable information during crime scene investigations. Forensic analysts help to determine whether a person was present at the crime scene or not. They are required to be present at autopsies, write reports and manage databases.

If you are extremely accurate and reliable, then this might be the right job for you. Paying attention to detail is also crucial if you want to be successful in this position.

Famous Forensic Scientists

David Klatzow is a renowned forensic scientist in South Africa. His latest book, Denied Justice, discusses how the justice system sometimes fails due to poor forensic investigations. Justice does not always win and incompetent forensic scientists can have devastating effects.


If you are looking for forensic investigation jobs or forensic jobs in general, be sure to, browse jobs and register your CV on and apply. Forensic science positions can offer you rewarding career opportunities.

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