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If you have a Twitter account and want to be updated with the latest job related news and information, then you should Follow Job Mail on Twitter.

We also use the Job Mail Twitter account to bring you the latest Job Mail website development news and changes first.

Twitter is an awesome networking and communication tool that allows you access to people or companies you might not otherwise meet or encounter.  You never know, you might even meet your next employer or employee through Twitter.

Job seekers can also use Twitter to follow professionals or companies in the field they want to be employed in and could in turn get valuable information and even experience they can use when working in the industry.

Employers can also follow related companies or industry leaders on Twitter, and could use Twitter to scout for potential employees.

Make sure you stay on top of the job market; Join over 800 Job Mail followers, simply go to and click the “Follow” link.

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  1. Excellent write-up. Thanks for the tips. I know it will help.

  2. FKJ Botha says:

    For a change a blog that has some useful content and some better tips and tricks.

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