Fitter and Turner jobs for highly skilled crafters

Do you have in interest in hands-on jobs that require some mad skills? Then Fitter and Turner jobs might just be the perfect career option for you.

Today the Job Mail team takes a closer look at the professional Fitter and Turner, the Fitter Welder as well as the Mechanical Fitter. From what these jobs entail to the type of education required, Job Mail gives you the lowdown on this fascinating field of work.

What are Fitters and Turners?

A Fitter and Turner is a highly skilled professional that manufacture, fit and assemble parts of machinery and devices. Fitter and Turners work with a wide range of materials, blueprints, various tools and machinery to do this.

They help set up tools for production and they can be seen operating and monitoring machines. This is usually done through planning, drilling and using various machines to control and assist with the process.

They can do this with a range of materials, from metal, to plastic, with accuracy and quality as a market for success.

fitter and turner jobs

They also need to be precise, strategic and mathematically inclined. They also need to be on hand to help repair and maintain various machines when anything goes wrong, and their expertise is needed.

As for the overall Fitting and Turning industry, it covers a wide range of engineering and technical industries. These range from the environment, space, technology and much more. Thanks to the range of skills acquired, Fitters and Turners can be found in almost any industry with an engineering and mechanical aspect.

There are a range of various types of fitters in the industry and each have their own unique skillset and niche area of focus. Today we take a closer look at Fitters and Turners as a whole, but also expand a little on Fitter Welders and Mechanical Fitter jobs.

Working as a Fitter Welder

Fitter Welders are more specialised Fitter and Turner jobs and entails working in welding and assembling various machines, production equipment and much more.

Fitter Welders are required to position, construct and assemble materials according to various specifications. They are also required to weld various components using a range of welding equipment.

fitter welder jobs

Along with all this, the job requires a Fitter Welder to run a quality check and look for possible faults and other problems, as well as manage the overall welding process to ensure the best standards are maintained.

A Look at the Mechanical Fitter

A Mechanical Fitter is another type of specialised Fitter and Turner and while they have the same job as Fitters and Turners and Fitter Welders, their job does vary.

A Mechanical Fitter is a person that works by fitting and assembling various machines, production equipment and much more, like other Fitters and Turners.

Mechanical fitter jobs also requires the operation of certain kinds of machinery, help put it together on site and inspecting and adjusting various machines. This involves checking the various elements to see that they are all in good working order.

mechanical fitter

They are also often required to fit, shape and assemble certain kinds of specialised equipment.

They may also be called upon to help with maintenance and repairs for various pieces of machinery and equipment.

Industries of work for a Fitter and Turner

You can find Fitters and Turners, both specialised such as a Fitter Welder and Mechanical Fitter and otherwise, in a wide range of industries, from construction, mining, manufacturing, and much more. You can find them in a host of jobs in engineering works, mines, steel plants, industrial plants, shipyards and more.

The work possibilities are varied and with the chance to specialise it is up to you to make the decision of where you would like to end up. Some Fitters and Turners can even find trade positions overseas, outside of South Africa.

trade jobs

Responsibilities associated with Fitter and Turner Jobs

While not all Fitters and Turners have the same responsibilities, as they vary from job to job and specialisation to specialisation, there is a range of key responsibilities that all Fitters and Turners have to take on.

Fitter and Turner jobs are in nature highly skilled positions and thus require both focus and precision. You would help manufacture, assemble and fit various components in machinery, vehicles and other mechanical work; as well as help with maintenance and repairs.

You would start by poring over the blueprint and then would be involved in selecting and ensuring the various materials required are marked as shown on the blueprint. Once this is done, you would need to shape, configure and finally test the adapted materials to complete the fitting process.

professional fitters and turners

The work is physically demanding and you may be required to work overtime. You would also need to be patient and able to focus in any environment.

You’ll know it’s the job for you if you are meticulous, practical and love maths, 3D drawings and working with your hands.

Skills required by a Mechanical Fitter, Welder, and Fitters and Turners

There is a range of skills needed if you are a Fitter and Turner. While you’ll be working in a host of different environments, you’ll need to have high levels of accuracy with every job, as every MM and CM count.

You’ll also need to be adept at problem solving and thinking under pressure, as your fast paced high intensity environment can be the norm when working on a deadline.

You’ll need to be good at communicating as you will have to help diagnose problems, faults and help with repairs and work with others to get the job done.

fitter and turner job skils

Lastly, the most important skill is to have steady hands, you’ll need this for filing, grinding or measuring various materials and putting them together to form the complete project.

The benefits and satisfying aspects that come with these kinds of jobs are seeing your work being used in a practical and real time manner. You’ll also get to see and experience a host of environments and workplaces.

Fitters and Turners are needed the world over, so there may even be an opportunity to travel and work, doing what you love.

Salary Expectations

As a structural metal fitter you could stand to earn an average salary of R216,740 each year and you’ll find that your pay will increase slightly as the years go by. The more qualified you are, the higher your earning potential is.

Education and Training

If you are interested in Fitter and Turner jobs, or even Mechanical Fitter jobs, you will need a relevant qualification from one of South Africa’s recognised training institutions.

While there are no compulsory school subjects required to be a fitter and turner, it is advisable to have a grounding in maths, engineering and, where possible, design.

You can start your path towards a career in fitting and turning with an apprenticeship or learnership in the industry. A learnership is normally broken down into practical and theoretical training, as well as training under the guidance of an expert. The benefits of a learnership is that at a year it’s shorter than an apprenticeship, which takes about four years, and you get on-the-ground training.

turner and fitter

As for an apprenticeship, it involves a four-year commitment between an apprentice and a company, where exams are taken and theory studied. In some cases, you may be able to get hands-on training too.

All those looking for a learnership or an apprenticeship in Fitting and Turning need to receive training, during their studying years, in first aid, safety and fire-fighting, to help with possible on-the-job incidences.

You can find a host of FET colleges across South Africa, from False Bay, Umgungundlovu, Northlink and many more.

Thinking about a Fitter and Turner career or even Mechanical Fitter jobs? You can find a range of jobs in various industries, from food, mining, processing and much more. There are even a host of positions available overseas. Don’t delay, register your CV on and find fitter and turner jobs on Job Mail, today.

Fitter and Turner jobs for highly skilled crafters
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Fitter and Turner jobs for highly skilled crafters
Do you have in interest in hands-on jobs that require some mad skills? Then Fitter and Turner jobs might just be the perfect career option for you.
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Job Mail
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