Find Sales and Administrative Vacancies in Pretoria

Looking for a job in Pretoria? There is an extensive range of vacancies listed on Job Mail. Categories with a high demand for employees include the administration, sales and finance industries. Browse jobs in Pretoria to find a position that best suits your qualifications and experience. Pretoria job vacancies include Personal Assistant, Secretarial, Marketing Manager and Sales Consultant positions.


Sales/Marketing positions

There is a high demand for sales and marketing professionals in Pretoria. These positions involve increasing the company’s profits by promoting product sales. Core responsibilities of sales jobs include maintaining relationships with existing clients as well as finding new customers. Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills are required for this position. An outgoing and vibrant personality is beneficial. While a qualification is not essential, a relevant tertiary education and experience is advantageous when making applications.


Marketing professionals are required to promote products and develop a strong brand presence for companies. Duties, which are associated with these positions, include planning events, advertising and research. Outstanding creative and communicative skills are necessary for these positions. A marketing degree and relevant experience will increase your chances of securing a position. Sales consultants, promoters, real estate agents and marketing manager vacancies are available in this category.


Administration/PA/Secretary positions

There is a need for Administration/PA/Secretary personnel in Pretoria. These positions entail duties such as filing, answering telephones, making bookings and ordering stationary. The ability to multi-task is essential for this industry. Organizational, communication, literacy and numeracy skills are crucial for administrative positions. Although you do not need a qualification for administrative positions, completing relevant training courses can boost your CV. Having experience in the industry will also increase your chance of being hired. You can find positions for receptionists, switchboard operators and personal assistants in this category.


With so many exciting vacancies listed on Job Mail, you can find positions that suit your qualifications and skills. Browse jobs in Pretoria on to see what positions are currently in high demand.


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