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Pretoria jobs are sought-after as the city has plenty of amenities for families as well as students who are starting their careers. Shopping enthusiasts can enjoy the malls in areas such as Brooklyn Design Square or Menlyn Retail Park. The Pretoria National Botanical Garden provides visitors with a relaxing atmosphere for picnics and afternoons strolls. Project management jobs can be found in Pretoria and this career offers competitive salaries. Jobs are available in a range of industries including construction, engineering, IT and manufacturing.


About Project management jobs

Project managers oversee and are involved in the designing, implementation and running of projects. They are responsible for organizing a team of professionals who are capable of completing the project effectively. Project managers evaluate staff performance to ensure that the project is running smoothly and they are responsible for ensuring that the team produces a high standard of work. This position involves overseeing the project budget and ensuring that the work is completed within the stipulated financial constraints. Duties include liaising with clients to understand the project aims as well as running risk assessments. Project managers must keep up to date with industry trends by attending training courses, reading relevant publications and attending networking meetings.


Entry requirements for this position are specific to each industry and applicants should hold a relevant degree. Project management jobs usually require candidates to have experience relevant to the industry they want to work in. Assistant project manager positions are available for people who are starting their careers and graduate programmes are another way to get experience.


Candidates for this position need to have outstanding organizational skills and they must be able to work according to strict deadlines. This position requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Applicants should be able to lead a team of professionals and they must have good problem solving capabilities.

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