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Whether you are a recent graduate or experienced professional you can find accounting jobs in Pretoria. If you can’t find the perfect position in Pretoria, another option is to seek employment in Johannesburg. Pretoria’s proximity to Johannesburg makes commuting to work a viable option. The first step to being hired is researching the available jobs in Gauteng.


Review the different types of accounting vacancies and the duties associated with each position. Although responsibilities vary according to individual companies, reading job advertisements will give you an overview of what is expected. Key responsibilities for Insurance Accountants include completing audits, analysing profits and reviewing balance sheets. Duties of an Accounts Payable Administrator include reviewing invoices and arranging payment registers. Cost Accountants are expected to have knowledge of STD costing as well as Syspro. Group Accountants should have an impeccable understanding of IFRS as well as tax. This position also involves preparing reports. Once you have an idea of what is available, you can start compiling a CV. With the high demand for accountants you should have no trouble finding a job.


A professional CV will help you to secure an interview. If you want to get your dream job, it is essential that your CV creates an outstanding first impression. Your CV should be easy to read. The information must be presented in a professional document which is free from grammatical errors. Include your personal details, employment history, personal traits and education in your CV.

To enhance your chances of being chosen for the position you should include information that is pertinent to the duties that you will be required to perform. Under your list of personality traits include outstanding numeracy capabilities. You should also mention that you have outstanding written and oral communication skills.

It is worthwhile to note that you excel in the key competencies required for accounting jobs such as tax, financial audits and budgeting. Your CV should include the duties that you performed for previous employers such as supervising staff members, liaising with stakeholders and reducing expenses.

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