Finance Jobs: An exciting career as a Creditors Clerk

The career that you choose will depend on your interests and skills. If you are looking for finance jobs, why not consider debtors and creditors positions? This job is well-suited to people who enjoy making calculations.


You can start off with an entry-level position and with the right training you can progress to senior roles. Before you decide whether this is the career for you here is more information about the duties of a debtors and creditors clerk. You can also check to see if the personality traits of these types of professionals match your own.

The Daily Duties of a Creditors Clerk

Before you commit to performing this job every day first find out what you will be expected to do on a daily basis. Debtors clerks are responsible for maintaining the details of customer accounts. This includes information about how much the client has paid as well as how much they still owe. Their responsibilities include bookkeeping tasks.

The majority of their tasks are performed using a computer. Debtors Clerks contact companies to reclaim overdue payments. After they have made follow up calls the debtors clerk may decide to contact lawyers to make the collection on unpaid accounts.


Now that you know more about creditors clerk duties find out who you will be working for and what the conditions are typically like.

Working Conditions

A Debtors Clerk is employed in a company’s accountancy department. Jobs are available in companies which allow clients to purchase products and services on account. They typically work in an office during regular office hours, however overtime is sometimes required in this position.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Finance Jobs

Creditors clerk positions can be satisfying when you are successful in recovering a payment. When customers pay their overdue accounts the company recovers money as well as saving money on legal fees.

While there are many advantages to these financial clerk jobs, there are also challenging aspects of this position. Calling clients who have outstanding accounts can be demanding and creditors clerks often have to deal with difficult people.

Creditors Clerk Job Requirements

If you want to find finance jobs you will need to be good at mathematics and accounting. People who are analytical and organized are more likely to be hired for clerical jobs. This position requires attention-to-detail and accuracy. To apply for clerk jobs you will need to be computer literate. Excellent communication skills and confidence are required to contact clients with regards to unpaid accounts.


Education and Training

In order to pursue creditors clerk jobs you will need a matric with mathematics and accounting.

Subjects which are related to commerce are also beneficial. Commerce subjects include economics as well as business science. Good mathematics results will increase your chances of being hired.

Accounting training is a great advantage when you are applying for finance vacancies. Private colleges across South Africa offer a range of accounting qualifications which include certifications and diplomas.


Bookkeeping courses will also increase your chances of success in this career. While these qualifications help you find a job they also support the progress of your career once you have been hired.

Some creditors clerk jobs come with in-house training. There are also some companies that will pay for the training of their staff. Training in financial computer programs is a good idea. If you want to advance to more senior positions, a BCom degree is helpful. A BCom Degree is available at the majority of South African universities.


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