Featuring a Job Mail Twitter Success Story!

At Job Mail we strive to provide both job seekers and employers with excellent customer service. Customer service has moved into the digital age over the last few years and the Job Mail team have made sure that we don’t get left behind.

Job Mail currently has more than 6300 followers on the popular social networking service Twitter. We respond to queries and questions from users who usually want to know if jobs are available in their field. Job Mail also has more than 49,000 fans on Facebook (one of the biggest Facebook fan bases in South Africa).

Yesterday Adri De Beer (@A3ana_Db) mentioned @jobmail on Twitter and we responded, check out yesterday’s conversation below:

This morning we received a message from Adri De Beer on Twitter again:

This is proof that Job Mail works! Adri De Beer found a new job within 24 hours! Remember that you can follow Job Mail via @jobmail on Twitter or join Job Mail on Facebook.

We wish Adri all the best in new job!

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