Fashion jobs: How to qualify and work as a Tailor

Do you love fashion? Do you have a passion for sewing? Then becoming a Tailor may be the right career path for you. To be successful in the industry you will need the right training and experience. Other titles for this position include seamstress and dressmaker. Once you have qualified you can browse fashion jobs in South Africa on Job Mail, register your CV and apply. To help you to find your dream job first find out more about what fashion design jobs entail. Here is useful information to get you started.


The fashion industry in South Africa is developing to meet the local demand for current trends. As international trends are released on social media, local shoppers want to buy the latest fashions from South African retail outlets. As the fashion industry strives to keep up with the demand and there is increased communication between stakeholders, employment opportunities are becoming available.

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Tailors sew clothes to meet the unique requirements of individual customers. Altering clothes is another important aspect of being a tailor. Retail outlets as well as dry cleaners often have requests for alterations which create employment opportunities for Tailors. If you are looking for seamstress jobs consider approaching dry cleaners in your local area. In addition to finding employment opportunities you could also start up your own business. Advertising your services is a great way to attract clients. Word of mouth is also an effective way to build a good client base in your area. The best way to grow your business is to provide an excellent service at an affordable cost. It is also important that you meet the deadlines for completing garments.

The constantly changing trends in the industry mean that life as a fashion designer is never boring. An exciting career is just one of the advantages to becoming a Tailor. Another benefit of these types of fashion jobs is that you will get to be creative during your everyday tasks.


While the core duty of a Tailor is to fit and alter clothing, there are numerous tasks which are associated with this position. A tailor assists their clients with selecting the right material for their garment. The type of fabric and its texture is important as it will influence the appearance of the garment. Another essential duty is measuring clients to ensure that the garments fit correctly. Tailors create designs for clients or change ready-made designs to suit the needs of their client. Once the design has been finalised, the next step is to cut out the pattern, assemble the pieces and sew them together. The tailor will fit the completed garment and make the necessary adjustments according to the client’s requirements. Once the alterations are completed, zips and buttons are added.

Do you have what it takes to become a Tailor? This profession requires accuracy, patience and technical capabilities. Paying attention to detail is also important. If you have good communication skills and excellent sewing capabilities, then fashion design may be the industry for you to work in.

It is possible to train as a Tailor on the job by learning from a more experienced employee. However if you want to increase your chances of being hired, additional training is beneficial. Completing pattern making courses can enhance your capabilities as a Tailor. These courses will give you the skills to excel at your job.

If you decide that becoming a Tailor is the right career move for you, then one option is to complete an Apprenticeship and Trade Test. You could choose to study clothing Manufacturing Processes NQF Level 2, 3, 4 before you write your Trade Test. Another option is to study CTFL Manufacturing Processes: Patternmaker NQF Level 2, 3 and 4. A National Certificate: Pattern and Garment Construction NQF Level 3 and 4 combined with practical experience is also a great option.


Experienced Tailors who have not completed official training can get a qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning. If you have the required skills and understanding of the trade it is possible that your experience can be used as credit towards a qualification. SAQA is responsible for accrediting applicants’ work experience. If you want to take this route you will need to find an institution which accepts RPLS. SewAfrica is one of the many institutions where you can train to become a Tailor or a Dressmaker in South Africa. Both full-time and part-time courses are available.

Becoming a Tailor is a great way to put your sewing skills to good use. To get ahead in the industry make sure that you get a relevant qualification as well as work experience. Whether you want to find a job or start your company, there is a need for Tailors to adjust and make garments. When it comes to fashion jobs in South Africa, becoming a Tailor is a popular option.

Looking for exciting fashion jobs in your area? Register your CV on Job Mail and start applying for fashion design jobs today – from a seamstress to a dressmaker, has what you are looking for.

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