Exploring Stock Controller Jobs

When it comes to warehouse jobs working as a stock controller is a good career opportunity. Stock controller jobs can be found in warehouses across a range of industries with a number of positions in the retail industry. If you think that this might be the right career for you, here is more information to help you make up your mind.


Stock Controller Duties

Before you look for a job as a stock controller it is a good idea to find out what you will be expected to do first. Having a comprehensive understanding of what stock controllers do will help you to succeed at interviews and secure a position. It will also help you to decide whether this is the right job for you. Knowing what you will be doing on a daily basis will help you to avoid disappointment once you are hired.

The stock controller duties you might be expected to perform may be influenced by the industry you work in as well as your employer’s requirements.


Typical duties include processing orders and deliveries. They check delivery notes against purchase orders to ensure that they match up. They also take note of serial numbers when necessary.

As the name implies, these professionals are responsible for organising stock. They ensure that the stock is kept in its specific area so that it is easy to access. The products in the warehouse need to be stored correctly. It is important that items are stored properly so that they don’t get damaged. The items should be labelled using marking equipment or paper tags. In some cases stencils are used.

These types of warehouse jobs include carrying out a stock take every month. Stock take involves checking that the number of items in the warehouse is the same as the amount listed on the inventory records. If there are any discrepancies, the stock controller tries to find out why the difference has occurred.


Stock controller jobs involve testing returns and having items repaired if necessary. They liaise with manufacturers as well as suppliers to carry out returns. Computers are used to keep an accurate record of the stock on the premises.

Stock inspection is another important part of the position. Stock must be checked for damage or defects. Any damage must be noted and reported. Records need to be kept for any spoiled items. Stock controllers may be required to oversee other workshop staff members.

Skills and Training required for Stock Controller Jobs

Do you have the right qualities and skills to succeed in this career? It’s a good idea to see what prospective employers are looking for before you apply for stock controller jobs. Once you know what skills you need you can make sure that you develop them.

Warehouse jobs in this field require you to be organised and reliable. You will need to be computer literate and have adequate numeracy skills. Efficiency and accuracy are important for this position. You will also need to have the ability to carry out tasks methodically.


Training is offered at South African institutes such as Boston. Modules include introduction to PC, spread sheets and stock control. The training also includes an introduction to business accounting. The course gives students the abilities to use Windows-based applications, maintain stock records and carry out stock taking. They will also gain knowledge on how to use a variety of ordering and delivery systems. To be admitted for the short course you will need a grade 10 certificate or a National Certificate L2. After successful completion of the training students will be awarded a Boston Short Learning Programme Stock Controller certificate.

Knowing what prospective employers are looking for can also help you to tailor your CV so that it matches the requirements for this position. This means that you should add work experience that demonstrates the qualities that are needed to be a successful in this job role.

Working Conditions

Stock Controllers typically work in a warehouse. This work can involve physical activities so it is essential that you are in good health. You may be required to work in a noisy and busy environment.


Now that you know more about what being a stock controller is all about you can start looking for jobs. If you don’t meet the requirements, enrol for training and get some experience working in a warehouse first. Looking for warehouse jobs that will challenge you? Register your CV on Job Mail today and apply for exciting stock controller jobs!

Exploring Stock Controller Jobs
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Exploring Stock Controller Jobs
When it comes to warehouse jobs working as a stock controller is a good career opportunity. Read our blog to find out more about this exciting career!
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