Explore lucrative opportunities in Operations Management

Interested in taking charge, being responsible for structures and ensuring that projects run smoothly? Then a career in operations management may just be for you. Today we delve a little deeper into Operations Manager jobs, the education you will need as well as the skills required by this profession.

What is Operations Management?

So what is Operations Management, an Operations Manager and what does the job entail?

You’ll need experience, specialising in human resources, finance, management and quality are ideal for work as an operations manager. With this, you’ll find yourself with a host of opportunities across various industries, making it a flexible and ideal position if you’re interested in management and a broad range of fields.

operation management

Operations Management jobs also require you to think on your feet, help with strategy and project management as well as liaising with other employees and teams to ensure effective management and execution of projects.

You’ll find yourself working full-time and during office hours but may need to do some overtime work depending on deadlines and projects.

The role is a broad one and varies and differs depending on industry but you’ll find a host of similarities across each industry. As an operations manager you can find yourself in growth and strategy positions in industries from retail, hospitality to healthcare and many others.

You can find work in both the private sectors or with an NGO, and your position could involve travelling, depending on your projects and their scope.

The role allows for job stability and the more experience you have in the workplace means greater career and growth opportunities at each stage of your career.

Operations Manager Job Description

The Operations Manager job description includes a host of key responsibilities and you will be handling various situations.

These responsibilities include: planning, organising, directing and controlling various business operations. These operations range from human resources to financial measures and budgets.

operations manager jobs

Budget and finance wise, you’ll be handling reports, budgets and may find yourself working with other departments or clients to best ensure a smooth budget and planning.

As a role with managerial implications you’ll help plan, develop and monitor policies dealing with overall business structure.

You’ll also help train, select and monitor employee performance as well as help direct and manage facilities and teams.

Your goals within Operations Manager jobs will include helping to improve and take charge of many operational processes and help with the information flow as well as planning across the business.

Through this, you’ll work with HR, finance and IT to best help implement goals, systems and processes to effectively utilise resources and budgets.

Operations Management also entails helping manage and play a role in planning strategy and growth procedures for overall efficiency and performance.

Budgets play a role in all of this and being able to manage and organise budgets, forecasts and various financial elements are key responsibilities in this role. You may be required to work closely with the finance department and other figures to ensure that financial plans, both short and long term are realised.

operations manager jobs

As an operations manager, your other key responsibilities include helping improve and better various business functions, from co-ordination and communication between departments, to ensure the best allocation of resources for projects and much more.

You’ll have to manage and work closely with various teams to help each and every team to work together towards projects and overall efficiency.

You’ll also work in risk management, with your key responsibilities being that of a liaison and helping in addressing various legal issues that may arise.

Overall, as an operations manager, you’ll find your core responsibilities are to ensure that the overall planning and strategy of various projects, ties into the overall business strategy and promotes growth.

While your job may differ depending on the industry you’re in, you’ll need a specific range of skills, no matter where you choose to be.

Skills Required for Operations Management

The skills needed for Operations Management jobs are those that are needed by many team leaders. You’ll need to be able to see the big picture and plan out projects and processes that correspond with those. You’ll also need to be able to sort out and manage the many details that go into the project.

You’ll need to be structured, have the ability to set and achieve various goals, on time and on budget, as well as have a systematic approach to your daily activities.

skills of operations managers

Operations Manager jobs require that you be able to communicate with a range of people and employees and have great communication and interpersonal skills. These are vital when dealing with clients, other employees and various teams that you help manage and consult with.

Being proficient in various systems and management planning programmes is key, as is having sound financial background and being able to help plan and create budgets and timelines to meet goals.

Most of all, you’ll need to be a good leader and take charge of a team. With this comes time management, delegation and leading and inspiring teams to complete projects and meet various goals along the way.

With the various responsibilities and skills, comes the day-to-day tasks that the job requires.

Day-to-Day Tasks of an Operations Manager

As an Operations Manager, you’ll find yourself in charge of teams and various key figures, working on projects and bringing them to life. This means interacting and working with those from HR, to Program Directors and others to ensure projects are completed on time.

working as an operations manager

All the while, tasks include creating reports, budgets, policies payroll and strategy for growth in the business.

Education Options for Operation Manager Jobs

Want to get started? Want to know what type of training is required and where in South Africa you can study? There are a host of various institutions and variety of ways to get started with a career in operations management.

You can study the Production and Operations Management Programme through Unisa’s Centre for Business Management. The course lasts for a year or so, depending on the modules and in some cases, part-time options are available.

You can also try a short course online, with UCT and the online Operations Management course. It lasts for 10 weeks, with 7 to 10 hours per week. It is ideal for those looking to formalise, update or advance their career in the field.

a career in operations management

If you are looking for an Operation Management Course, you can also study at the Tshwane University of Technology. You can study either Management Services and Operations Management and can complete courses at Masters level.

You can also complete a diploma in Management through a series of other institutions and this coupled with workplace experience means for easy access to Operation Management jobs.

Each of the offerings is ideal for those looking to start out, formalise or expand their knowledge in the operations management profession.

Salary and Career Opportunities in Operations Management

As for the salary expectations and possible career advancements, there are many and it depends on the industry you find yourself in.

Generally those within Operations Management jobs earn a salary of around R310,394 each year. This differs with skill levels and experience. The most beneficial skills and courses to complete include that in budget, finance as well as customer relationship management.

jobs in operations management

You can find yourself in a host of other jobs after being an operations manager. These range from project managers to general managers.

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Explore lucrative opportunities in Operations Management
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Explore lucrative opportunities in Operations Management
Today we delve a little deeper into Operations Management, the education you will need as well as the skills required by this profession.
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