Experience the benefits of part-time study

In today’s thriving job market, there is a growing need for multi-skilled and driven employees. In order to compete against the best of the best, you need to be able to have a solid education. Damelin makes it a priority to provide their students with a convenient and accessible mode of part-time studying. That’s why they’ve introduced their reduced deposits and extended payments plan. Now you can study the course that will catapult your career, for only R220p/m!

For many students, one of the main deterrents in studying further is the high cost of education. Damelin’s range of affordable and premium part-time courses ensures that you receive the qualification you need to elevate your career. With their easy payment plan, you can comfortably afford the quality education you deserve.

Part-time studying offers you the opportunity to efficiently raise and update your existing skills, improve your job prospects and earn more over the course of your career. It’s a life choice that is rich in opportunities and offers endless portals for career growth.

It’s time you begin developing your career and building your skill set. The simplest way to achieve this is through Damelin’s part-time studies. Designed with you in mind, their unlimited student support and convenient weekend and evening classes create an atmosphere that encourages student-learning and promotes an enjoyable tertiary study experience.

Along with meeting new, like-minded people, you will create a network of professionals for your existing or future career. This allows you to become well connected within your chosen field and benefits your future prospects in the industry you choose.

Broaden your career opportunities and explore your potential now!

Visit www.damelin.co.za or call 0860 532 887 for more info.

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Experience the benefits of part-time study
In today’s thriving job market, there is a growing need for multi-skilled and driven employees. Start studying part-time and improve your employability.
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Job Mail
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