Everything you need to find a job (Infographic)

Job HuntingStill struggling to find a job? Great News! Today I have some very useful information for you! The wonderful folks at College Atlas recently created an infographic to aid you in your job hunting journey and today we’re sharing this with you.

The infographic is entitled “Everything you need to find a job” and features the three steps that you need to follow to find a job: Namely “Prepare”, “Search” and “Stay Positive”.

This infographic reminds job seekers that they should be prepared if they’re job hunting that you should keep your CV updated, update your Linkedin profile and clean up your social media profiles (to ensure that you have a clean digital footprint).

The infographic also reminds job seekers of ways that they can look for jobs in today’s day and age. It reminds them that networking is one of the more popular methods of finding a job nowadays, but also points out that one can also find a job via a recruitment agency, if you directly approach a company, via social media channels like Facebook and by responding to an advert.

Lastly, the infographic reminds job seekers to stay positive and points out the fact that for every 100 job applications you submit you may only get 10 replies from recruiters / companies. It also gives job seekers other useful hints for staying positive.

Check out the full infographic below for more information…

Everything you need to find a job

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