Entry-level jobs to kick-start your career today

Looking for entry-level jobs? From marketing to finance jobs, there is a wide selection of positions to choose from. Finding jobs in South Africa can be challenging, but securing employment in an entry-level role can help you develop the skills you need to succeed. Engineering jobs offer you an opportunity to build an interesting and lucrative career. If you want to launch your career in a rapidly growing industry, you can find IT jobs on Job Mail. Here are five suggestion to consider:

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1. Sales Representative

If you are looking for sales jobs, working as a representative is an excellent starting point for your career. Sales representatives are responsible for selling products and services to customers. They are required to assess the needs of customers and to offer them suitable products. An important part of this role involves following up on sales leads and high school education is typically required for this position. Working as a sales representative helps to develop your communication and interpersonal skills, which are valuable abilities for other marketing jobs.

2. Call Centre Operator

A call centre operator is responsible for answering telephone calls. They are required to take orders as well as handle queries. They provide customers with product information and resolve complaints. In addition to corresponding telephonically, call operators also liaise with clients by email. Employees In this role are responsible for maintaining call logs and compiling call reports. High school education is usually required for call centre operator positions, and computer literacy and language proficiency are important. This position helps you to develop your interpersonal and communication skills, which is useful when you are applying for other sales jobs. Experience as a call centre operator demonstrates your problem-solving capabilities and organisational skills to prospective employees.

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3. Personal Assistant

Personnel assistants play a vital role in corporate companies. When it comes to finding jobs in South Africa, there are plenty of benefits to working as a personal assistant. Employees in this position are assigned to assist a senior level staff member with their business responsibilities. They are tasked with answering phones, responding to emails and making appointments. They are also required to assist during meetings and to oversee their boss’s schedule. Candidates need to have a high school education to apply for personal assistant positions. Computer literacy capabilities are required. These jobs provide a great starting point from where you can launch your career. They give you the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the company you work for and of management positions. Working as a personal assistant can help you develop the skills you need to work in office administration.

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4. Junior Researcher or Analyst

If you want to apply for finance jobs, consider getting your career off to a good start by working as a junior analyst. A junior analyst is required to work together with sales, customer support, and marketing staff members with the aim of compiling useful data. They also review industry reports. Junior analysts are required to develop PowerPoint presentations that showcase important information about the business. Employees in this position can find vacancies in sales, marketing or banking consultancies. Junior analyst positions generally require a degree in a related field, such as economics or statistics. Working in this position gives you valuable experience and helps you develop leadership and problem-solving capabilities.

5. Technician

If you are pursuing engineering jobs, you can benefit from starting your career off as a technician. Technicians are skilled workers who are required to perform diagnostic tests and to complete tasks with complex systems. Working as a technician will help to develop your manual dexterity, allowing you to use your hands to complete tasks precisely. These positions also aid with the development of stamina as they require you to spend an extended period on your feet.

Now that you know more about the available entry-level jobs, you can browse through the vacant positions online. Whether you are looking for IT jobs or marketing jobs, there are suitable options that match your career path.

Entry-level jobs to kick-start your career today
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Entry-level jobs to kick-start your career today
Looking for entry-level jobs? From marketing to finance jobs, there is a wide selection of positions to choose from. Read about it on the Job Mail blog.
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