Entry level jobs that don’t require a Degree

Because not all of us are fortunate enough to attend a University and complete a degree, the Job Mail team wanted to take a look at some of the best jobs without a degree you can do in South Africa. From sales to call centre jobs, today we highlight some entry level jobs that are great for Matriculants and even those of you who have managed to complete a short certificate course.


Call Centre Jobs

If you have stunning people skills, you can apply for call centre jobs in your area of interest. Dealing with people, customers and queries on a daily basis, you will need to have solid communication skills and be able to juggle multiple tasks at a time. Depending on the company you work for, your duties will range to include working with clients to determine their needs, answering questions and providing information and assistance when and where necessary.


In most situations only requiring that you hold a matric certificate, working in a call centre can include everything from collecting the information of customers and dealing with queries, to promotions and sales. Those who excel in these jobs can work themselves up to team leader positions, training positions and even manager.

Sales Jobs

If you can sell ice to an Eskimo in the middle of winter, sales jobs might be the right choice for you. Requiring that you think on your feet, be self-motivated and have a persistent attitude, these types of jobs can be found in a range of industries – from beauty products to office supplies, selling services and goods.


While some of the sales rep jobs out there do require a relevant qualification (like that sometimes seen with Medical Reps), other sales positions offer on-the-job training, equipping you with everything you will need to know to do your job and do it well. If you love people, this is definitely one of the best jobs without a degree you can excel in.

Being self-motivated and having a passion for meeting targets are some of the important skills you will need in order to excel at these types of jobs. Many sales representatives also work on a commission basis.

Data Capture Jobs

Entailing that you enter information (or data) onto a computer so that information can be ‘digitally’ captured, data capture jobs are for those with quick, accurate fingers. You will export and import information to and from databases, and receive forms, invoices and a range of other ‘paper’ records that needs to be captured and stored on a database.


Requiring accuracy and reliability, you will need to be a strong typist, have a good understanding of computers and software, and have a strong eye for detail. Being well organised, more than able to work under pressure and have the drive to meet deadlines will also help you excel at this type of job.

Typing skills are a big must for these types of jobs. Seen as entry level jobs in the accounting and administrative departments of companies, data capturers can work themselves up and even invest in short training and certificate programmes to help them excel.

Working as a Driver

Driver jobs can entail a wide range of jobs – from being a truck driver and chauffeur, to courier jobs. No diploma or degree is needed to become a driver. The only thing you will need for these types of jobs are a valid driver’s license. Do note that certain industries do require certain codes.


While some companies do require previous driving experience, you can find a number of entry level opportunities on Job Mail that can help you get started as a driver. If you love being on the move, seeing all sorts of interesting places and know all the routes and road maps like the back of your hand, this is definitely one of the best jobs to consider if you do not have a degree.

A Job in the Retail Industry

A job in the retail industry is a great way to kick-start a career if you do not have a degree. Here you can start as a cashier or sales assistant. You can even work in the logistics department of bigger companies.

Working as a cashier in the retail industry can involve working in everything from clothing stores to supermarkets. While some companies require that you do have some previous experience, others offer training and require no experience at all.


You can work yourself up within the retail industry as well, starting with an entry level job and working hard, maybe even completing short courses and certificate programmes, to build on your own career and prospects of promotion.

Receptionists, Secretaries and other Office Jobs

If you are friendly, absolutely love working with people and have a fine eye for detail, secretary positions can be one of the best jobs without a degree. Requiring that you keep records and perform basic office tasks that can include anything from filing to answering phones, a secretary is involved in taking minutes during meetings, dealing with correspondence and even scheduling meetings.


Secretaries can also specialise in different fields – from a Legal and Medical Field, to becoming a Personal Assistant.

Depending on the industry you work in and where in the office you are stationed, you will be required to meet and greet clients. Completing short training courses, you will also be more equipped for specialised fields.

Things to keep in mind when looking for the best jobs without a degree

Most of these entry level jobs mentioned here do not require you to hold a degree or an expensive qualification. Once you do start, try to always continue your education. This will give a competitive edge over employees who may not be as motivated and determined as you.


If you do find a position as a secretary for example, you can further your education by enrolling in a short programme in Administrative Management or even a Certificate in a course that prepares you to become a professional secretary. Call Centre positions are another great example. Institutions like INTEC, Boston City Campus and Business College, and Damelin offer short training programmes for various fields including office administration and call centre jobs.

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Tertiary institutions, like Boston City Campus and Business College for example, also offer programmes that will prepare you for data capture jobs.


If you are looking to pursue retail or sales jobs, you also have the opportunity to continue your education through short learning programmes like the Retail Management Course from UNISA and the Sales Management certificate courses offered by institutions like the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Entry Level Jobs on Job Mail

Now that you know what types of entry level positions you can peruse and some of the best jobs without a degree in South Africa, we want to highlight some of the exciting opportunities currently available on Job Mail to help you get started.

Entry Level Sales Rep and PR

If you are interested in sales jobs, these vacancies in Johannesburg might be for. You are required to be between the ages of 18 and 28, and have a matric certificate.


Entry Level Promoters

If you are between the ages of 18 and 28, these entry level positions might be for you. With a monthly remuneration of between R 4 000 and R 8 000, this vacancy is in Johannesburg.


Entry Level Trainee Fast Food Managers

Looking for an exciting opportunity within the retail industry? This offer in Johannesburg might be worth considering. Requiring that you have a matric certificate (with some experience and a post matric qualification being beneficial), you will have the opportunity to be ‘developed’ into a Fast Food Manager.


Entry Level Clerks

If you are energetic, a fast learner and between the ages of 18 and 35, these entry level jobs might be perfect for you. Requiring you to work with people on a daily basis, excellent communication and administration skills are also required.


Entry Level Sales Reps

Interested in sales and marketing? A company in Germiston is looking for people willing to learn, have the drive to succeed, and who are between the ages of 18 and 28. Requiring good communication skills and a business-oriented attitude, leadership skills are also a must.


Ready to apply for some of the best jobs without a degree? Job Mail has it all – from call centre jobs and data capturing vacancies, to sales jobs, you will find entry level jobs that will prickle your interests and bring out the best of your personal traits. Register your CV today and start applying!

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