Enter the Mission CV Advance Challenge

We want you to advance your brand so mission job hunt is a closed case. It is time to supercharge all your bravery as you embark on the Mission CV Advance Challenge.

There will be 4 simple tasks that you have to finish before you successfully complete Mission CV Advance. If you fulfil all these tasks before the deadline you will immediately be entered into the Job Mail Hall of Fame and you stand a chance of winning the grand prize of R1000 cash.

Are you ready for the Mission CV Advance Challenge? Then get your Mastermind skills ready and make sure you complete the below task list by Thursday the 27th of October 2011.

Task list:

(1) Activate your CV

(2) Employment history

(3) Skills Matrix

(4) Qualifications

Mission notes: If you are already a registered Job Mail Mastermind, by having updated your CV with the 4 categories (Activate you’re existing CV, complete your employment history, fill-out you’re Skills Matrix and include all your qualifications), qualifies you for the R1000 cash prize. If you are not yet a Job Mail Mastermind, then all you need to do is complete your online CV and the 4 categories to advance to the next level in building your brand and conquering mission job hunt!

Now that you know what your mission is, read the below blueprints and complete each of the stipulated tasks:

Task One Blueprint: Activate your CV

Once your CV is complete, enter your “Profile” on Job Mail. On the left hand side of your dashboard you will see the ‘Make Active’ tab (view the below image for guidance on this task).

Once you have spotted the target (Make Active) simply click on the tab and press the ‘Activate your CV’ button to complete this task.

You have successfully finished Task One! Move onto Task Two…

Task Two Blueprint: Complete your Job History

Find the ‘Edit My Employment History’ tab on the left hand side of your “Profile” as per the below image.


Once the tab has been located simply complete your employment history to ensure everyone knows why you are a mastermind! The more effort you put into improving your CV, the better chance you have of being spotted by recruiters (Top notched agents) and this also puts you one task closer to winning the R1000 cash prize.

Now that the ‘Employment History’ task has been complete you can advance to the next mission.

Task Three Blueprint: Skills Matrix

To complete this task you will need to search for the ‘Edit My CV and References’ tab. If you are having trouble finding this task then look at the below image.

Each Job Mastermind has their own unique and valuable set of skills which makes them qualify for the Job Mail Hall of Fame. Make sure you list all of your talents and expertise in the Skills Matrix to complete this task.

You are one task away from completion! You may continue to the last blueprint to finish the Mission CV Advance Challenge.

Task Four Blueprint: Include all Qualifications

Now for the final task… identify the ‘Edit my Qualifications’ tab.

The ‘My Qualifications’ task is a track record of all your achievements, so ensure you list each qualification that you have accomplished.

Congratulations you have completed the CV Advance Mission and you are one of the Job Mail Masterminds that qualify for the R1000 cash prize!

Thank you for advancing your brand and being a part of the Mission CV Advance success.

If you know of any other friends or family members that would like to be a part of the Mission CV Advance challenge to advance their brands, please remember to share the details with them. Once you have completed all 4 tasks why not tell us how easy the Mission CV Advance Challenge is on our Job Mail Facebook page.

For all our Job Mail Masterminds that are having mission glitches we ask that you please email our Mission CV Advance Chief at jobmaster@jobmail.co.za and he will assist you in spotting your targets!


Please read the following below terms and conditions when entering the Mission CV Advance Challenge:

  1. All 4 tasks of the mission must be completed by 4PM on Thursday the 27th of October 2011 to qualify for the R1000 cash prize.
  2. No late task lists will be considered for the Mission CV Advance Challenge.
  3. Registered Job Seekers on the Job Mail site must update all the tasks to qualify for the R1000 prize.
  4. New job seekers must complete their Job Mail Online CV https://www.jobmail.co.za/register-your-profile-cv as well as all of the 4 tasks to qualify for the R1000 prize.
  5. Job seekers that have more than one registered Job Mail Online CV will be disqualified from being a part of the mission.
  6. The judge’s decision of the winning Job Mail Mastermind is final and no correspondencewill be entered into.
  7. The winner will be announced on the 28th October 2011 via the Job Mail newsletter, Job Mail Facebook page and Job Mail Twitter profile
  8. The winner will need a bank account in order for the cash prize to be deposited into their account.
  9. If the winner does not provide banking details by Tuesday the 1st of November then he/she forfeits the prize. There will be a re-draw and this lucky mastermind will receive the prize.
  10. Upon re-draw, the winner will follow the same points mentioned above
  11. By entering the Mission CV Advance challenge, you accept these terms and conditions

Good Luck! May the best Job Mail Mastermind win the Mission CV Advance title!

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21 Responses

  1. Afeez Oluyoye says:

    I will like you to help me in a field of Job…I need a Job

  2. Thabo says:

    I have been struggling to update my ‘Reference’ under my profile from last night. Would you mind having a look at that.

  3. abram says:

    I filed all the required filled but the CV still show 98%, I don’t understand

    • Job Mailer says:

      @abram Thanks for your query. Our webmaster has checked on our system. You have to complete your “Social Links” section to complete your submission (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc)

  4. Mohapi N says:

    check the website, if you are interested call me on 0741740019 or email me at mohapi1@live.co.za

  5. I love the new look advance jobmail wapsite its more simplified to review our profile,and the percentage rating awesome

  6. i would like you to help me in a field of job,i need a job

  7. EUTRICIA DUBA says:

    Im a Accredited assessor with CTFL SETA in Cothing Manufacturing,check webside or zanele.dube@rocketmail.com

  8. mpho says:

    My profile is still showing 98% but yet I filled in everything that required ! I don’t understand

  9. sophia washaya says:

    My profile is showing me 96% and yet I have filled in all areas incl the social site link, what more should I do. Please assist…

  10. Thomas says:

    Why is it that when I get to referense and after I finished the system always germs. Is this a scam or something. Please clarify Jobmail

  11. constance says:

    I have been struggling to update my ‘Reference’ under my profile from last night. Would you mind having a look at that.

    • Job Mailer says:

      @Constance Your e-mail address was not verified, it has been now. You need to click on the tip “Activate CV” and then follow the other tips to get to 100% – If you have any queries please contact our webmaster via jobmaster@jobmail.co.za

  12. hangi says:

    My profile is still showing 65%, but some of the things I don’t understand. But I am loving the new look

  13. Jerry says:

    My profile is 100% hope I win this one…. I’m happy with job-mail it works for me.
    Thank you guys keep up the good work.

  14. my profile is showing 95% ,but i have entered everything,why

  15. Shaun says:

    I pray that I may be blessed with a good job that I can take care of my self and my loved ones !

  16. Renardo Matthys says:

    Hi there, i am stuggling to get my profile updated to 100% and also to upload a Pic of myself please help.

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