Engineering jobs for graduates

Recent graduates can choose from a range of engineering jobs. Graduates should review the different types of jobs so that they can match their skills with the job requirements. Options include civil, mechanical, consultant and product quality engineering.

Civil Engineer

Engineering graduate jobs include civil engineering. Civil engineers are involved in large projects such as building bridges, roads and airports. Depending on the location of the project the job may entail traveling to remote sites. Graduate engineers will typically be employed to assist an experienced engineer. Responsibilities will increase as the graduate gains more experience. Civil engineering graduates are required to work with colleagues to complete project outcomes which comply with the project quality plans. Technical standards are maintained by conducting surveys, inspections and investigations. Civil engineers are involved in budgeting as well as project design. Suitable applicants should be able to work in a team and be able to meet project deadlines.


Product Quality and Design engineer

This position requires the engineer to liaise between the support supplier and the buyers. The role involves inspecting samples and writing reports. The engineer will create production drawings and liaise with suppliers regarding production development. This position involves offering technical advice to employees and customers.


Consultant engineer

Consultant engineers assist clients by evaluating risks and protecting the client’s assets.  Consultant engineers are required to travel to sites in order to evaluate the property and determine whether there are any hazards. The assessment will include roofs, water supplies as well as chemical storage. The job involves ensuring that international standards are met and communicating recommendations to clients.


Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers design machines and mechanical equipment. The job often entails overseeing the upkeep of machinery and assisting with repairs. Mechanical engineers usually specialize to become an expert in the design and maintenance of certain types of equipment. This can include industrial machinery, refrigerators or air conditioning units.  Mechanical engineering jobs can be found in research companies, manufacturers or for the government. Mechanical engineers usually work form their office but they may be required to travel to different sites.


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  1. charles says:

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  2. Vuyo Njokweni says:

    Hi there,i am looking for employment as graduate with 13 months working experience as Technical Assistant @Consultant Company of Engineers.I am looking to improve my learning experience in Civil Engineering and to be full time employed.
    Please feel free to contact the writer
    Warm Regards
    Vuyo Njokweni N.Diploma in Civil Engineering
    Mobile no.0733362501

  3. Appo Bola Mankuni says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    It is a pleasure for me to apply for this position in your company, I find very interesting your job advert and it’s definitively matches with my job qualification as you can see it in my attached CV. Waiting patiently to hear from you, I’m sure that I’ am a right candidate for this Job and willing to participate in the development and progression of the company in term of Productivity and efficiency.
    Appo Bola

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Appo Bola – We are NOT a recruitment agency. You need to apply directly on the advert(s) that are listed on the website. Job Mail is a job portal.

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