Employers and Job Seekers agree, Job Mail works!

Here are some testimonials from Job Mail users:

“Job Mail has made recruiting of employees so easy, thank you Job Mail.”

Yasmeen Solomons, Diverse Towing Logistics – April 2020

IMM Graduate School“The IMM Graduate School has worked with the team from Job Mail since 2019. We have found them to be professional, accessible and willing to go the extra mile. We would recommend them to anyone seeking a professional approach to direct marketing to select target audiences. Their level of professionalism and work ethic has been nothing but impressive.”

Charmaine du Plessis, IMM Graduate School – April 2020

E&D Recruiters“Job Mail is a supplier of E&D Recruiters. We recently embarked on utilising their Services in the uncertain times and midst the Covid-19 storm. The search engine is easy to use and we are happy that the interface to Placement Partner is working without glitches.

During the Lockdown period, we are so pleased that we made this decision as we could do proper searches for Artisans and technical staff at engineering companies that are currently looking for people. The applicants we have found was not on our existing tracking and server.

Furthermore, Charmaine is extremely helpful and her response to enquiries is quick and she assists us in a professional manner.

Thank you!

I will gladly recommend Job Mail.”

Elize Potgieter, E&D Recruiters – April 2020

Outsurance Logo“The Job Mail team share the same values as OUTsurance, they have always been professional, engaging, collaborative and responsive to our business through the years.

Sugan Peramaul, OUTsurance – April 2020

Eastc Logo“Job Mail delivers successful targeted campaign for Eastc across platforms.

Eastc is a registered private training college that offers a large Variety useful practically orientated skills courses through superior training methodologies in a market-related way that is relevant lot Africa.

It has built a solid track record of developing students for employability, Today Eastc is a successful, 100% black-owned Level 1 B-BBEE company, proudly located in the bustling hub of Kempton Park. Eastc is truly your gateway to success.

When Eastc recently embarked on a new targeted promotional campaign to attract new students, it successfully utilised a variety Of campaign elements professionally packaged by Job Mail sales executive Stella Pienaar for Eastc.

Because Job Mail has the ability to offer Eastc course-relevant targeting in its core sectors such as skills courses for bricklaying, electrical, boilermaking and welding, carpentry and others. No communication was wasted on non-relevant recipients.

Eastc used targeted email and SMS in addition to boosted social media posts delivered on Job Mail’s established profiles. In addition, Eastc created a presence on the busy Job Mail website through presence on its training tab section, boosted by targeted website banner advertising delivered as a specified number of total impressions on the site.

Return On Investment is Crucial for Eastc to measure the success of any Campaign. Stella Pienaar and Job Mail provided detailed analytics after the initial campaign that Eastc found useful as it could adapt its targeting and even advertising creative to further increase the impact of its future campaigns With Mail.

In addition, focused targeting, Eastc found its negotiated campaign package created by Stella Pienaar to be cost-efficient, especially as measured by the post-campaign analytics.

The initial Eastc Job Mail campaign was a measurable success and Job Mail will be used regularly in future for similar targeted campaigns.

Rohan – EASTC – Feb 2020

“From the moment of our registration and the release of our first advert until now I just want to give job Mail a 10 out of 10 for the system and the service!” Vastfontein Batho Pele Christian School (January 2020)

“This is the second time I will be using your services. First as an employee and now an employer, I would just like to say that I am extremely impressed by the level of service received when calling your helpline. If I remember correctly, the lady I dealt with was Mimi and she was fantastic. Will definitely be using your services again!” Teneal Webb 

“I find this site very helpful and I ask that you keep up the good work!” Lucky Kgaogelo (Job Seeker) (January 2018)

“Yes thank you making it real! It happened!” Wade Potts (Employer) (August 2017)

“Thank you for all the alerts, l got a full-time job now, no need to update me anymore, thanks!” Thubelihle Ndlovu (Job Seeker) – July 2017

“I’m finding myself owing gratitude to the professionals behind helping the likes of me! Thanks for great service!” Cyril (Job Seeker) – June 2017

“I have been with you for a long time. There are no words that can describe your service you are offering to the people. You are doing extra ordinary work to us.” Mr Msebenzi (Job Seeker) – July 2016

“Let me first applaud Job Mail team for the good work you guys are doing, well done! I am a job seeker and follower of Job Mail on different media platforms and had seen its good work, I recently read the Job Seekers Guide Volume 1 and 2 and I am looking forward for volume 3” R. Pheko (Job Seeker) – June 2016

“Thank you so much for keeping me posted on your job advertisements. Much appreciated, keep me updated. Thanks.” Nkosinathi (Job Seeker) – June 2016

Educor-logo“I have been making use of Job Mail’s E-Mailer for marketing of our various brands for the past few months now & it has proven to be a great success. The campaigns deliver generous leads the mailers are a great advertising tool as you reach great volumes in 1 shot and its exclusive, so the focus remains on what we have to offer! Thank you Job Mail for the great product & excellent value.” Mala Augustine, Educor – April 2016

IC Health“I would like to thank you Job Mail and especially Charmain and Sherendra for excellent service delivery. Their constant phone calls to ensure us as clients are still happy and satisfied were always a highlight in a very hectic day. Quick and painless is the best way to describe the experience. And so very efficient.” Lauren, IC Health – April 2016

“Thank you for creating this opportunity for job seekers, such as I. Much obliged.” Ursula (Job Seeker) – March 2016

“Job Mail is the best I wish if I had known that it existed long time ago.” Nigel (Job Seeker) – March 2016

“You make our job searching easier, thank you!” Eunice (Job Seeker) – March 2016

“I got a job! I give thanks to you Job Mail and all who are included to help people find a job! Thanks!” Max (Job Seeker) – February 2016

UDM“I love working with Job Mail, all of you are great to work with and always there with a helping hand when we struggle”Dorette, UDM International – February 2016

“Thanks for the alerts to help me find my dream job.” Timothy (Job Seeker) – January 2016

“Great website. Love the job search engines and its GUI interface” JM Viller (Job Seeker) – January 2016

“I want to say thank you for your amazing support. It is not often that you get replies when you log onto online pages. I appreciate the prompt and kind assistance. Thanks to you and well done to Job Mail online for fantastic service.” Wilma (Job Seeker) – January 2016

“Thanks for being there for job seekers like myself.” Evan (Job Seeker) – January 2016

“I found a job! Thank you very much! I would also recommend Job Mail to my friends.” Nonto (Job Seeker) – December 2015

“Thank you for assisting me in finding a job. Job Mail is the best!” Thabo (Job Seeker) – October 2015

Effectiveness“Our Experience With Job Mail has been excellent. We managed to fill 3 positions within one week of advertising. The CV’s are streaming in. This is surely worth it as it saves us time and money. Thank you for your help, Job Mail!” Angelique, Effectiveness Company (September 2013)

med“I have made use of the services of Job-Mail for some time now and I have found the site to be very user friendly. By making use of Job Mail, M-Kem has found the huge data base available to us to be excellent value for money. The fact that the CV`s available can be scrutinized to ensure that the candidates are at least meeting one`s minimum requirements saves a tremendous amount of what would have been wasted time spent checking faxed CV`s. The administration staff have always been friendly and helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending Job Mail to employers.” Marius, M-Kem Medicine City (August 2015)

“Thank you Job Mail for trying to help unemployed people like me, in finding a job” Lisa (Job Seeker) – August 2015

mobax“I would hereby just like to say thanks to Job Mail for the excellent service. Your training facilitator periodically visits Mobax and just wants to assist and give training on how to improve adverts on the Job Mail. The trainer shows interest in the clients. Job Mail’s success is appreciated and just makes it nice to have a service with a company that is excellent with its product, is always helpful and friendly.” Ralph, Mobax (August 2015)

“Thanks for the alerts I get daily, they save time and money. Job Mail really works!” Boitumelo (Job Seeker) – August 2015

pam golding“We have been using Job Mail Since February 2015. It has made our life so much easier, with all the help at our finger tips. The staff and easy access on how to use the website. We are looking at a long lasting relationship.” Michelle, Pam Golding (August 2015)

Keesta“I want to thank Job Mail and the trainer for the ongoing great service provided at an affordable price, with the option to pay month to month. Job Mail is focused on client satisfaction and I find most of my applicants on their database.” Christa, Keesta (August 2015)

“Thank you for helping South Africans to find their dream job. Job Mail really works!” Kay (Job Seeker) – August 2015

premier pp“Thanks to the Job Mail trainers and reps for their help! It’s no wonder you appear to be ‘klapping’ your competitors” Gavin, Premier Placement Partners (July 2015)

colourmagic“We registered with Job Mail recently, the site if very easy and compatible to find the correct person for our Job specification, we searched through CV’S and find the correct person in 2 days. Thanks for the great site.” Hendrina, Colourmagic Printers (July 2015)

“I’ve been reading your E-book (The Job Seeker’s Guide to finding a job in South Africa) and I have to say that it’s one of the best books I have ever read. I’ve learned a lot from it. I really appreciate the fact that you guys are actually going all out to minimize the unemployment rate. The Job Seeker’s Guide is a ‘must have'” Walter – Job Seekers (July 2015)

“Thank you for such a timely response. Your customer service is excellent.” Byron – Job Seeker (July 2015)

Phakisa“I have been using Job Mail for the last 8 years and would highly recommend the service to any recruitment agency. I would also like to thank Job Mail for the excellent service provided. Our Client Facilitator from Job Mail, Elyn Niemandt has only provided us with great service and is always willing to assist with any queries that we might have. So, thank you very much Job Mail for your excellent service provided!” Karen, Phakisa Holdings – July 2015

“Job Mail has been the easiest and quickest job site I have ever used, which has improved our abilities to find employment. Thank you Job Mail” Lebogang – Job Seeker (June 2015)

Midas“I am glad to be associated with Job Mail. I successfully managed to fill my two vacancies with the help of the friendly and efficient Job Mail staff. Thank you Job Mail for World Class Service” Golden, Midas – June 2015

“Job Mail is the best site I have ever used when job hunting. I have received many calls from employers and hope to secure a position soon. Thank you.” Sipho – Job Seeker (May 2015)

“I heard about Job Mail through a friend who found a job on your site. I applied for 3 jobs, got an interview with 2 and got a job offer in the next week. The entire process from registering my CV to finding a job took 2 months. That is fantastic! Thank you Job Mail.” Karen – Job Seeker (May 2015)

“This is to say thank you guys for the job advertisements that you always post on Facebook. My colleague applied to one of them and was called for an interview. He is still waiting for the company to contact him if they are interested on him. So this a big thank you! Please keep up the good work as a lot of people can be helped through this. Thank you! Thank You!” Priscilla – Job Seeker (March 2015)

“I uploaded my CV and 3 days later I was head hunted and now have a new job. Thank you Job Mail!” Joshua (Job Seeker) – March 2015

“I went for an interview and was appointed within a week. Thank you Job Mail you are the best.” Maryke (Job Seeker) – March 2015

“I applied for a sales vacancy and was called for an interview. I am happy to say that I got the position. Thank you Job Mail!” Zintle (Job Seeker) – March 2015.

Spiral HDPE“We have found a person, and are very impressed with the service and response we had from Job Mail.” Johann, Spiral HDPE Pipe – January 2015

MDS“Thanks to Job Mail I have had a fantastic response to my advertisement in Job Mail during the month of January 2015.

For the first time since I’ve owned my own business (6 years) I had loads of candidates apply of which three candidates were all perfectly suitable for the position I advertised for in Job Mail.

For the first time I was able to really take a pick of the best of the capable applicants that applied which as you can imagine alleviated the stress of getting a suitable candidate, quickly. It was a relief being able to have a choice of the top applicants.” Rachel, Medical Debtors Services – January 2015

Dymasize“Love the new website! It looks awesome and will attract many new clients and job seekers. Thanks Job Mail!” Amy, Dymasize (Recruitment Agency) – January 2015

“I received a few phone calls and interview possibilities through my Job Mail account. I have been accepted for a wonderful job in Pretoria!” Stefan (Job Seeker) – December 2014.

“I submitted my CV on Job Mail, got a call for an interview and got the job. Thanks Job Mail!” Ennie (Job Seeker) – December 2014

“WOW, I am really grateful to the Job mail website. I uploaded my CV and within a week I got a phone call for an interview. Today I am fully employed. Thank you Job Mail – Keep it up.” Nancy (Job Seeker) – November 2014

“I saw a call centre position on Job Mail and applied. I went for the interview and got the job.” Obakeng (Job Seeker) – November 2014

“I was interviewed last week and now I have the job and I am loving it!” Miroschca (Job Seeker) – November 2014

“I saw a position advertised and applied. I was contacted shortly afterwards for an interview and am very excited to say that I got the job and started on the 3rd of November.” Beren (Job Seeker) – November 2014.

“I applied for a field rep position through Job mail and was called in for an interview. I am privileged to be part of a great family now.”Dirk (Job Seeker) – November 2014.

“A few months back I decided that I need a new challenge and started browsing for a new job. Job Mail Print was my only viable option in the area where I live, since it covers each province separately, as well as national available positions. Bang for your Buck! After a few short weeks I was employed by a publication house as a field rep and have not looked back since! Thank you Job Mail!” Ruhandi (Job Seeker) – October 2014

“Kindly be advised that all things are now sorted. I submitted all required details and I’m starting a work with a firm on the 15th of October.” Ntsako (Job Seeker) – October 2014.

“I saw the Junk Mail Job advert on Facebook and I got phoned after 1 day of sending my CV. I went to my 1st interview and got phoned again for my second interview. Currently I am employed and going through the training process. I am very excited to be a part of their team.” Lizanne (Job Seeker) – October 2014

Supreme Auto“I would like to thank Job Mail for making a success of our company by bringing in quality candidates. We have received over 1000 responses since we started advertising with Job Mail.” Refilwe, Supreme Auto – October 2014

“I saw an advert on Job Mail and took a chance. Within 3 days I got a call for an interview and I got the job. Thank you Job Mail.” Melvin (Job Seeker) – October 2014

Smart Group“Advertising in The Job Mail has been one of our better business decisions. For the past seven years, most of our students have been people who saw our adverts in / on Job Mail. Keep up the good work!” Jenett Mosala, The Smart Group (Workshop Industry Training Sector) – September 2014

“I saw the ad for the job application on Job Mail. I applied and within 2 hours and I got a call from the friendliest lady who assisted me until the day of my interview and I got the job. I am currently in training and I have learnt so much and I am enjoying it. I feel that this is where I want to be and I’m exited to learn and grow.” Shuneeze (Job Seeker) – October 2014

Placement Boys“Thanks once again to Job Mail! Today we were reminded of the uniqueness of your site with regards to our specific Supermarket Retail Industry. It is an absolute rarity to have a site that divides the Retail Industry into sub categories for employers. This makes your site so easy to use, and we are able to get to experienced Managers for our Supermarket clientele in a jiffy. Most other sites have management from all over the Apparel, Furniture and Supermarkets all thrown together, with the result that resourcing becomes cumbersome.

We regularly find fresh new talent for our clientele on your site, and this makes you the only choice when it comes to Retail Recruiting in South-Africa. Combine this with fast, efficient and a helpful team at Job Mail and it places you miles ahead of your competition.

To all prospective Retail employees out there (and specific Supermarket Retail employees) load your profiles and CV’s! Job Mail is where it happens! We always have hundreds of positions available nationwide and we are just one of Job Mail’s retail recruiters. We are able to help in small towns as well as large cities, through our partnership with large Supermarket Retail Companies.” Paul Emslie & Doug Emslie, Placement Boys (Retail Recruitment Agency) – September 2014

Sedtrade logo“We have found Job Mail to be very effective in building a database of potential candidates for certain roles within our construction company. In a matter of a few days the response for a certain position was phenomenal. We would definitely recommend Job Mail for a cost effective way of recruiting personnel.” Khalilullah Seedat, Sedtrade – September 2014

“I submitted my CV directly to Job Mail after seeing the print advert in the paper. I was contacted ON THE SAME DAY and interviews were arranged. When all the dust had settled a few days later I had a new job as a multimedia field sales rep, filled with a multitude of exciting opportunities in a fast paced progressive company. Thank You Job Mail” Peter Buchanan (Job Seeker) – September 2014.

“Job Mail is a one-stop shop when it comes to recruitment on all levels. It offers nationwide coverage and because of the fact that adverts are presented in print as well as online, it really covers the market on all levels – from the individual with no PC access for entry level roles right up to Executive roles. Searches have always presented strong, relevant and current candidates. When it comes to partnering with the best all-rounded recruitment partner, Job Mail is certainly our best solution.” Amelia Sequeira, National HR Manager, Nu Metro Cinemas – September 2014

“I was informed by my ex colleague to register and apply for a position on Job Mail. Once I registered on the site I started applying for various positions. Within an hour I started receiving calls from the employees, requesting me to attend an interview. Within a few days I had a telephonic and face to face interview and I was employed by the 2nd week.

The Job Mail site is the most successful career search engine I’ve ever experienced. The best about using Job Mail was the time frame in which I got a response from the various positions I applied for. I recommend this site to all job seekers and employers who have vacancy to fill. This has been the most pleasant experience I’ve had as a job seeker.” Andre Oaker (Job Seeker) – September 2014

Ideal“We have been using Job Mail to advertise our vacancies on a weekly basis for many years now and it is definitely a lucrative advertising newspaper to get the necessary exposure by reaching people online or by distributing hard copies to those in the job market. The website is user friendly and the personnel are always willing to help and available when you need the necessary assistance. We place numerous advertisements on a monthly basis and the different options makes it affordable and cost effective to get national exposure. We will most definitely recommend Job Mail to any business, either corporate or small, to advertise their vacancies in!” Ideal & Selected Candidates (Recruitment Agency) – September 2014

“Thanks Job Mail! At first I doubted you guys, but now I’ve got a job as a technician. Thanks again!” Mandisi (Job Seeker) – September 2014

ukuethemba logo“When all else failed, Job Mail was there to help and support me. I really was about to give up and honestly thought that I won’t be able to expand on my business. I tried all means to advertise for staff and approached recruitment agents with no luck, but Job Mail came along and now we have employed 5 new staff members in one week and are going strong! Thanks to all the dedicated staff from Job Mail for getting my business back on track, I will definitely recommend anyone to try Job Mail!” Tian Muller, Ukuethemba Joinery (Design and Manufacture industry) – September 2014

“I posted my CV on Job Mail. Within a few days I was contacted by a company and I have subsequently been employed by them. Job Mail really works!” Jesse (Job Seeker) – September 2014

Big Sky“We’ve been using Job Mail to advertise for 12 years. The paper is reaching all the areas: even Botswana and Zimbabwe – we’ve even had students from Zambia. We’ve found our website is complimented by your publication – the coffee table print is definitely being read long after printing. Thanks for always informing us of specials and treating us like special customers! We do feel special! We are looking forward to the next issue.” Ronel Du Plooy, Big Sky Airline Cabin Crew Training Academy – September 2014

“I posted my cv on Job Mail and within a week I got a call for telephonic screening. The following week I had a telephonic interview. I’m really impressed with their service. I have a fantastic job now and it only took me 3 weeks to find a job. Awesome! Job Mail works!” Belinda (Job Seeker) – September 2014

PIS“We would like to thank Job Mail for their excellent service and commitment. It is truly an honour for us to be advertising with them for a reasonable price and always receiving great service. The web based advertising is user friendly for both user and consumers and we get a lot of response on this. It is great to know that there is such a community available that serves anyone’s needs.” Professional & Industrial Services – Recruitment Agency – September 2014

“I have been looking for a better opportunity for such a long time, but as soon as I applied at Job Mail I got a response the very next day! Hey, I got the Job!”  Bernice (Job Seeker) – September 2014

OVK“We are very much satisfied with the friendly, prompt and professional service from Job Mail – These are values we as company like to adhere to.” OVK Operations Ltd – Farming Industry – September 2014

“I was contacted by Junk Mail Publishing after I uploaded my CV to the Job Mail Website. After all the interviews were completed, my job application for the Job Mail Multimedia Tele Consultant was successful and I started my employment on 01/09/2013.” Bernhard (Job Seeker) – September 2014

Browns“Our experience with Job Mail has been great. I’ve found the website to be very user friendly from a recruiting perspective. We’ve managed to place numerous candidates and have found the cost to be very reasonable for the service (considering the size of the database and quality of talent that Job Mail offers). I have really enjoyed the premium functions of being able to search the database for candidates. When searching to fill a position, I know that if I put up an advert, I will have plenty of quality applications to look through.” Ryan Kingsley, Browns – The Diamond Store – August 2014.

“i just want to thank you for finding a job for me. I’m starting tomorrow.” Vuyisile (Job Seeker) – August 2014

Century21“As a new office, my main focus was to recruit, and amongst the many options that are available to advertise, I found that subscribing to Job Mail (on the Unlimited Ad option) was the most effective means of advertising. I managed to recruit 4 agents via Job Mail and I found that fact that I can place unlimited ads daily with my logo unique, professional and very useful. I recommend this to all of my colleagues.” Savas Nicolaides, Century 21 East Rand – Estate Agency – August 2014

“I found a start up job as a Coder, Editor and Data Capturer part time, so I can work my way up the corporate ladder and gain experience and no longer have to stress thanks to Job Mail” Lutando (Job Seeker) – July 2014  

Security Experts - Web“Ek wil net weer julle uit my hart uit bedank vir die uitstekende diens wat julle deurlopend verskaf. Job Mail se hantering van ‘n klein rekening het my opnuut laat besin oor wat ons kan doen om ons dienslewering te verbeter. Dankie vir julle diens, voorbeeld en inspirasie!” Dr Van Niekerk, Security Experts – Security Industry – July 2014

“I would just like to thanks the Job Mail Team! I applied online for a job and in less than 2 hours I received feedback and a call, asking me to attend an interview. When I opened my eyes I realized I’m employed and the way and manner in which they helped me get a job was done so professional, so I would advise anyone to make use of the Job Mail Online because it works! If it worked for me, it can definitely work for anyone!” Lourenzo (Job Seeker) – July 2014

Just Property“Job Mail has been a tremendous asset to our company for recruiting staff. One of our staff left at short notice, so we had an advert on the web the next day. Responses started coming in almost immediately and by the 2nd day we could start interviews. We appointed the successful candidate within two weeks after we received tons of applications and conducted at least 20 interviews. Summarised CV’s were a great help in compiling a short list for candidates. We thank you for an excellent product.” Just Property Group – Property Rental Sector – March 2014

“I registered on your mobile site 2 months ago and I have found employment thanks to you! I just wanted to thank you. You guys are the best. Keep up the good work and help many more like myself.” Blake (Job Seeker) – February 2014

ABPCO“We have been using Job Mail specifically since November and have been more than happy with the results we’ve experienced. As a Financial Services company, we were skeptical that we would find the right candidates through this medium, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised. We don’t recruit on a regular basis, but like to know that the tools are available if we do need to. We would highly recommend Job Mail to any company who’s looking for an effective and affordable recruitment solution. Thanks for the great service!” APBCO – Financial Sector – February 2014

“Thank you for all your help and hard work. I have found a lovely company to work for in Bryanston thanks to you!” Jenell (Job Seeker) – October 2013.

Big Sky“We have been advertising with Job Mail over the past 10 years and are very satisfied with the service and response that we get every week! Thank you Job Mail!” Big Sky Airline Cabin Crew Training Academy – October 2013

I got a job and I started on the 3rd of May! Thanks to you, I appreciate that.” Salome (Job Seeker) – June 2013

centurion1“Ons adverteer al ‘n paar maande by Job Mail. Ons is baie tevrede met hulle diens en die kwaliteit van hulle werk. Hulle is altyd bereid om te help waar hulle kan. Als word elke keer spoedig afgehandel en die personeel is altyd bereid om te help. Ons sal defenitief Job Mail aanbeveel. Die mark wat deur hulle bereik word is groot, die pryse per advertensie is baie goed en die diens is puik.” Centurion Akademie – College / Training Academy – June 2013

“Thanks to you I have found a suitable job. Thank you for being efficient. I will refer Job Mail to other potential job seekers.” Sipiwe (Job Seeker) – May 2013

unlimited“We have used Job Mail for 3 months and our business has grown rapidly from using the site. The database and unlimited advertising has helped us exceed our recruitment goals and we always find suitable candidates using the site. The return we receive from using the premium account is money well spent and we will continue to use them. We have received outstanding customer service from the team which makes the experience all the more worthwhile. Thanks Job Mail. Keep up the good work!” The Unlimited Group – Insurance / Investment Sector – May 2013

“Thank you Job Mail! I have found a job and will be staring next month. Your tips ad advice really helped me! Olive (Job Seeker) – April 2013

Have you had a great experience using Job Mail? Tell us about it! Leave a comment and let us know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome.

Are you looking for a job? Register your profile CV NOW, browse for jobs and apply! Be pro-active whilst job hunting and remember to follow up with recruiters once you have applied. If you experience any problems with registration, feel free to e-mail our Webmaster for assistance.

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147 Responses

  1. I thank job mail exceedingly for sending me the latest vacancies everytime there are any. Although I have not yet found a job, I still appreciate the time and effort you are putting. It is a matter of time that I find one. Thank you very much and everyone know that you are the best.

  2. piet says:

    Yes! Job Mail is the best! Now am working and I was so desperate for the job! Thanks Job Mail!

  3. I thank Job mail for sending me the latest jobs. I will keep applying so I can get my dream job, I have been called for an interview twice and I found a job which I am working part time and I use the money to look for more jobs. Thanking you.

  4. Siyaqodi says:

    I have applied for more than 9 jobs, but I never got any feedback regarding my application, what do i need to do now to get a job?

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Siyaqodi – Thanks for your feedback. You should ideally be following up with recruiters once you have applied for positions. Some recruiters receive up to 700 applications for a single position, so they may not notice your application right away. You need to be pro-active when you’re job hunting. If you don’t get feedback within 14 days of your application, assume that you did not get the job and move forward. Hope this helps and hope you find employment soon!

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Siyaqodi – You need to follow up with recruiters once you have applied. Take note that some recruiters get up to 700 applications for a single position. If you contact them once you have applied it shows that you are serious about getting a job. If they don’t get back to you within 14 days, move on to the next position.

    • amy says:

      I also apply many time and never get replies..I’m actually starting to lose faith in all this

      • Henno Kruger says:

        Hi Amy – You should ideally be following up with recruiters once you have applied for a position. If you have not received response from a recruiter within 14 days, move on to the next position. Hope you find employment soon!

  5. Zodwa says:

    I have been on jobmail site for a while now and still haven’t got a job please advise where I need to improve

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Zodwa – First make sure that your CV is 100% complete and up to date. Then also make sure that you follow up with recruiters once you have applied for positions. Some of them get up to 700 applications for a single position, so they might not notice yours right away. If you don’t get feedback from within 14 days, move forward to the next position. Hope you find employment soon!

      • thandiwe says:

        Helow, am looking for an job, I was a intern for 18 months for civil engineering. I was specialise on site by supervisor bricklayers and plasters also doing quantity surveying

  6. Surprise says:

    Hi Job mail

    I’ve been applying for more than 2 years now and nothing has been happening and surprised when people say that it doesn’t take them a while or months for them to get the job they are looking for. I’m working in a industry which I didn’t study for and I don’t like but then because I don’t have any choice and jobs are scarce I have to take it.

    Now I’ve been working as an office Administrator for 2 years approaching 3 now. Still I keep on applying but nothing, but I will apply until I reach where I want to. Please help me.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Surprise – You should be following up with recruiters once you have applied for positions. Some of them get up to 700 applications for a single position. If you do this and you don’t get response from them within 14 days, assume that you did not get the job and move on to the next position.

  7. Dipz says:

    i have post my CV on jobmail several times but i never get feedback regarding my application what must i do to get the job.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      You should be following up with recruiters once you have applied to inquire about your application. Some recruiters receive up to 700 applications for a single position so they might not notice yours immediately.

  8. Minentle says:

    I applied long time on this website since 2011, I always get false / scam interview and jobs. I’m still looking for a job especially for Girl Friday and Admin lady. I’m living in Pretoria Central. I am available immediately.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thank you for your feedback. Follow up with recruiters once you have applied. You have to be pro-active! If you have not registered your CV on Job Mail yet, then follow this link http://bit.ly/XYlihL (on your mobile phone). Then look for Jobs that you need at http://bit.ly/YN2hz9 (on your cell phone) or http://bit.ly/ZaJZra (on your PC) and apply for them. Search for “Gardener”, “Cashier” “Driver”, “Internship”, “Learnership” (or any other keyword) to find relevant jobs on Job Mail. Hope you find the job that you need soon. E-mail us via signmeup@jobmail.co.za.

    • nthabiseng says:

      hey doll
      before i apply i google the company first i think you should do dat also

  9. Nathaniel Mohlatlole says:

    I’m a job seeker here at job mail,i apply each and every day for different companies but I haven’t yet been employed,it could be something I’m doing wrong but how do I know I’m doing it right,need help

  10. koos dlamini says:

    I’ve been applying for a job and I still havent found it i dont understand why cant i get a job

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thank you for your feedback. If you have not registered your CV on Job Mail yet, then follow this link: http://goo.gl/h5pJHj. Then look for Jobs that you need at http://goo.gl/tx8kCk and apply for them. Search for “Gardener”, “Cashier”, “Driver”, “Internship”, “Learnership” (or any other keyword) to find relevant jobs on Job Mail. Hope you find the job that you need soon. E-mail us via signmeup@jobmail.co.za if you want to sign up for our weekly newsletters.

  11. Sthembele says:

    looking for job around my Country of south africa,my other friend recommended these site in such cases..

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thank you for your feedback. If you have not registered your CV on Job Mail yet, then follow this link: http://goo.gl/h5pJHj. Then look for Jobs that you need at http://goo.gl/tx8kCk and apply for them. Search for “Gardener”, “Cashier”, “Driver”, “Internship”, “Learnership” (or any other keyword) to find relevant jobs on Job Mail. Hope you find the job that you need soon. E-mail us via signmeup@jobmail.co.za if you want to sign up for our weekly newsletters.

  12. mahlatse says:

    hello admin i am a boy who want to have a better life.i am unemployed looking for job please help….0764458392 please contact me

  13. PHAKAMA says:

    It is difficult for me to log in what must I do? please help

  14. Victoria Dumezweni says:

    I never get anything i check it almost everyday and i apply as well.

  15. jerry says:

    hi, im comfuse here people keep on saying they got replays in a week, but a i have been using this side for four years now and still nothing. What i wanna know is that… What do we have to do? Because I’m sure I did everything Job Mail asked for.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Jerry – Ideally you should be following up with recruiters once you have applied for a position. If you don’t get feedback with 14 days, you can assume that you did not get the job and move forward.

  16. Langton says:

    Hie guys .im a jobseeker.i always send emails to drivers posts but i hardly get response

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Ideally you should be following up with recruiters once you have applied. Some of them get up to 700 applications for a single position, so they might not notice yours immediately. If you don’t get feedback within 14 days, assume that you did not get the job and move forward to the next position.

  17. wendy says:

    I’m a South African lady. Age of 32 years old .im still looking for the job as housekeeping. Stay in Cape Town.

  18. Kathy Venter says:

    I am looking for a job either at a call center inbound calls or to work from home, I have a computer and am linked to the internet. I have also worked in retail for about 20 years as Manager for flagship stores. I stay in Pretoria wonderboom area. I am hard working reliable & honest.

  19. mapale says:

    Hi! I started applying last week and yesterday i got a response from the company, saying they have have recieved my cv and if 30days pass by without hearing from them, then i should consider my application unsuccessful. Is there some hope in that?

  20. Abid Ali says:


    I think, am the right candidate,

    May I have your permission to join you as operation, safety, security & Marketing manager. UAE Driving license available.
    PSIRA Certificate will be my own expense if employed.

    Salary is negotiable and ready to join immediately.

    Check out CV for ready reference,

    Keep Smiling.

  21. tebogo says:

    Crocko empire is not a good thing we were doing shit. I was burnt in the sun promoting a spray which is not selling which they didn’t even tell us. They told us about a consultant interview. We are not happy at all.

  22. akhona says:

    hy m akhona m looking for job. as a domestic worker/security araund port elzabeth

  23. akhona says:

    m akhona m looking for a job as nanny/domestic worker or security i also hv a drivers licence. plz contac me on 0832470028/ 0604825570 araund port elizabeth

  24. Altus says:

    I am really unhappy, I can’t find a job on jobmail, no one ever gets back to me, I think I will follow a friend’s advice and go directly to a recruitment agency on company. The friend said to put your CV on jobmail and those site is just as good as not looking for a job and I tend to agree!!

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Altus – Thanks for your feedback. Take into account that most of the recruitment agencies were closed over the festive season. Also take into account that some recruiters receive up to 700 applications for a single position, so they might not notice your application right away. Once you have applied for a position you should be following up with the recruiter to check if they’ve received it. If you don’t get feedback from them within 14 days you can assume that you did you get the job and move forward to the next position.

      • Altus says:

        Still nothing and it has been a year!!

        And please try a new response because people hate standard or automated responses

        • Henno Kruger says:

          Hi Altus – Sorry to hear that you have not found employment yet. Take note that Job Mail is NOT a recruitment agency, but a job portal. New jobs are posted daily and we’ve even made it easier to help jobs find you with our Job Alerts function. Set up an alert at https://www.jobmail.co.za/setup-alerts. Hope you find something soon!

  25. lushaan says:

    If there is anyone out there who knows about a job in the travel and tourism industry or any other office jobs please let me know.
    contact me at0738863710

  26. sipho says:

    drivng pdp cot c1

  27. Laura says:

    Hello. You say that we must follow up with recruiters, but I tried doing that. The cellphone number on Fast2Hire Recruiter’s company profile is either incorrect or outdated, because it stays on subscriber unavailable. How are we supposed to follow up with them if there is no email address or cellphone number to contact them on?

  28. mulalo says:

    Hi i have been emailing my cv and faxing till today im not employed i started january on de 12 untill today im still sending in different jobs

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Mulalo – Remember to follow up with recruiters. Some of them receive up to 700 applications for positions, so they may not notice your application right away. If you don’t get feedback from them within 14 days, assume that you did not get the job and move forward. Hope you find employment soon

  29. Maria says:

    Hello I am looking for a job in pertoria,cleaning ,housekeep and babysitting .For Mon to Fri

  30. Samson Mlindi Dubazana says:

    With the experience and qualifications that I have, I believe that I am suitable for the advertised post

  31. Samson Mlindi Dubazana says:

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity to apply for your advertised post.
    Should it happen that you prefer to select me to be one of your Team members, I believe that I can Initiate and innovate more exciting views of which if they can be implemented, definately they will add more value to your organisation.

  32. themba malatji says:

    im looking for a refregeration job and airconditioning i hv 7years expirance and im a south african

  33. refregeration job and airconditioning

  34. Qapheleni says:

    Hi I applied for a job as admin clerk last month but I didn’t get any response I am really seeking for a job I’ve never work since I finished matric on 2005 I have computer certificate any company that can help me I can even voluntee to get experience

  35. Slindile Mdletshe says:

    Mhhhhh its very encouraging reading peoples comments I am waiting for that moment patiently…… Congratulations to all of you who got jobs via this career site I have hope soon I will get That call

  36. Khululwa says:

    Hello I am looking for job I finish my bachelor in Education EMS. I don’t care what a kind of a job I get all I want is to get a job and support my mother

  37. anne-marie van tonder says:

    i thank job mail to reply for a urgent job people dont come back to me pls my my cell no is 0728094028

  38. Loyiso Sipuye says:

    I want to receive the latest job adverts please on the above email address/

  39. Siyabonga Mthendeni says:

    It is much encouraging to hear from people writing their success stories in terms of getting employment from Job Mail. I have been applying but no response as of yet but I believe in right time the opportunity will come. Congratulations all you guys.

  40. Dipolelo says:

    there is a problem of uploading my photo, please help me it happens several times and I don’t know

  41. Hellen says:

    Hi im south African lady looking for job I have call center certificate bt now anykind of a job is fine for me so that I can look after my family, I am a good team player, I can work under pressure and willing to learn thanks im looking forward to hearing from you I hope job mail will me

  42. makhuduga Mooketsi says:

    im looking for a job,i finish N3,N4,N5 Electrical Engineering Certificate, but at the moment any kind of job will do for me.

  43. Hellen says:

    hi Henno kruger mmmm ADy staffing send me an email to come for interview 2mrw I just wander if it is not a skem

  44. lindiwe says:

    Hie henno Kruger I was struggling to browser my CV and my picture,so I was get the email from job master to browser them which is what I did today at the internet in the morning cause the job master emailed me he said its hard for employers to hire me.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      If you are struggling to use our site on your phone, try using the Feature Phone site: Visit m.jobmail.co.za. If you experiences issues on your browser with our site, e-mail our Webmaster via jobmaster@jobmail.co.za or phone him directly on 012-3423840 x2804

  45. Nthabiseng says:

    Hi please help to find this job,i have an Diploma in Occupational health and Safety. Please help me i am desparate

  46. Marius Matthee says:

    Thank you, your team is the best!!

  47. Godfrey says:

    Hy i want a security job at east rand i have experance for a job im good in radio

  48. stephen says:

    Looking for a Job as a Buyer/ Transport and Logistic Officer

    Iam a SAQA accredited Buyer with NQF Level 4 with a Diploma in Transport and Logistics and a National Certificate in Purchasing and Supply Management
    Also got vast knowledge and experience in Truck Trailer Mechanic

    I am available immediately!!!

  49. dedrick says:

    I’m also in need of a driving job or merchandising job,I stay at pretoria(soshanguve)you can call me for more information and appointments at 0719390556 or email me at dedrickmabena@gmail.com.thanks

  50. mafisa regopotswe says:

    please assist me with a job

  51. bridget says:

    HI , I have been applying from January I haven’t received any phone call or invitation , from different companies , maybe I didn’t apply right or what please help me I really need something

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Bridget – Ideally you should be following up with recruiters once you have applied for positions. Some of them receive up to 700 applications for a single position so they might not notice your application right away. Be pro-active, not re-active! Hope you find a job soon!

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Bridget – You can check if your applications are going through. E-mail our Webmaster via jobmaster@jobmail.co.za for assistance.

  52. David says:

    hallo I David Lepadima I am looking for a drivers job sence 2014 until now i am still waiting /looking for a drivers job available so jobmail can help me with a new job.i have valid SA Drivers licence code c1 10 and PDP

  53. Tunga says:

    l am looking for a Payroll Administration or any related job , l am a 39 year old man , have a Diploma in Payroll administration and over 10 years working experience

  54. Merle Daniels says:

    Hi , Henno Kruger you may also contact me with News on my cell:0845022506

  55. godfrey says:

    I’m qualified air conditioning & refrigeration since January I have been applying for the jobs no feedback and have one year experience please help


    It’s been a while hunting for the job using JOBMAIL, I always had faith in it that it will help me to find the JOB, so finally I received a reply via email that I must come to an interview along with the required documents. I am so happy and simply I would like to thank the JOB MAIL for the work they done and they must keep on doing good, may GOD BLESS THE JOPB MAIL TEAM in Jesus name AMEN. I Thank You 🙂

  57. kedibone says:

    Hi I am getting lots of calls and interviews. Just crossing my fingers to get a job keep it up jobmail

  58. Thulani says:

    Hi I’m still looking for a job guys. I have a code 10 with PrDP and 4 years in funiture industries. Please help am based in pretoria and my famiy is in durban and pietermaridzburg, and yes am will to relocate.

  59. Harry Smith says:

    While working at Caterpillar I was working on Sigmanest to programme the Essab and the Plasma machine, I also helped in the estimation and planning of production flow to various departments, to help increase productivity and to decrease the lead time of parts. My focus was also to help saving on material and to bring down the utilisation. I also part of the 5s programme and six sigma. I also work for Active Industrial Engineering doing estimation production planning and help on tenders to get work in for the company after Active I moved to Morris Cranes as Engineering Estimator working hand in hand with the engineering department and with the works manager to do planning and to bring in lean management. Production planning we used the MRP system with MS Projects 2013

  60. Hansen says:

    Hi I’m looking for a job as a 7ton Forlklift driver, I hv certificate. Iv been trying so many time here but no respond yet. If someone can help,contact me 0823958913 or mduduzintombela8@gmail.com. Thank you

  61. Max Nkhula says:

    Baxter Chilomo, Malawian looking for a job as a gardener. He has been working on this job for 7years. He is a hard worker no need of supervision. Please call Baxter at 074 293 0722. Reference call 078 915 0347

  62. Max Nkhula says:

    Clara, Malawian looking for a job as a maid. She has been doing this job for 3years. She is so good and respectful. She works so hard. She loves children too. Please call her at 061 177 4191. Reference 076 300 9444.

  63. I have been trying several times but I can,t go through it as I wish.So help me Henno Kruger so that it can be easy to load a cv online so that I can get the job I want now.

  64. moss says:

    hi guyz my name is moss im looking for job,im forklift operator 14 exepierence,im qualified operator ,pls guyz I need help around gauteng

  65. witness says:

    Hi, I’m a lady looking for a job as a health and safety officer, I am well qualified and experienced, I’m in a position of SAMTRAC, HIRA, SHE REP, INCIDENT INVESTIGATION, HAZMAT AWARENESS, FIRE FIGHTER 1, CODE 10 DRIVERS LICENSE, MATRIC. I’m available immediately and I’m willing to relocate.

    Thank u

  66. zelda says:

    Hi, i’m happy to day because now i know that i find a helper so i can get a job, i have well experience as admin clerk at primary school for 3 years now and i know computer
    literacy very well. my qualifications at tertiary institution are financial , Economics and Accounting, and office administration. I’m always available.

    Thank you.

  67. I am very happy with the response I get from your article,its a month since join you but my chances of getting a job seems to be increasing .thank you so much

  68. patrick says:

    I’m still looking for a job around pretoria, I’m 25 years of age having a grade 12 with first aid and a drivers license code 10

  69. Ayo says:

    Hey Henno. Hoping I can be another success story of your site. I am a finance professional in Nigeria moving to South Africa – Cape Town- in a couple of months. I am absolutely clueless on how to go about my job hunt. Please what should I do?

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Ayo – Start by registering on the Job Mail website. Take note that if you apply for positions in SA that policies for hiring foreigners differ from company to company and industry to industry in South Africa


  71. kgabo says:

    Hi there my husband was mugged they took his qualifications and id those guys got the his number from job mail im so sad and disappointed sumthing must be done to the scammmers

  72. Lungelo Magwaza says:

    Hi There I’ve Just Completed My Certificate In Business Management, So I’m Looking For Any Jobs In The Business Field Weather It Is Permanant/Part Time Or Temp I Don’t Mind At All… Just Something To Keep Me Busy And Something To Gain Working Experience! My Number Is:0729296019 Thank You God Bless.

  73. Lungelo says:

    Hi I’ve Completed My Certificate In Business Management And I’m In Desperate Need And Looking For Any Part Time,Volunteer Or Temps Vancancies,Jobs Or Openings Available… Facebook:@Lungelo Lungsta Njinji Magwaza My Contact Number Is:0729296019 Thank You.

  74. Lungelo says:


  75. nothando says:

    Thank job mail I have been registered her for 8 months on August thise month I got job from job mail.now am working as financial advisor Thank job mail.

  76. Siyabulela says:

    Job mail you make our searching job easier thank you I’m looking a job for driving I have drivers licence code 14 but no reference and also carpenter with trade test but now I’m looking any job thanks to job mail

  77. Yolanda says:

    hi my name is Yolanda i am looking for a job i can cleaning and i am a good work

  78. Khaya Richard Ndlovu says:

    I have been with Job mail for more than 7 years unfortunately all the jobs that I have applied to are scams,people always want me to pay to be employed,I even wrote to Jobmail team about this,and I have not yet found the job and have given up already

  79. Siyabonga says:

    Siyabonga I have code 10 c1 and PDP I looking 4 a job please

  80. Admission says:

    Hi i am admission and i have six month certificate in marketing management and would a company that can help me find job and gain experience .am a hard worker and willing to go far .

  81. Bavington B Zijena says:

    Please call me or sms or whatsapp
    0846325288 for all types of trucks

  82. Bavington B Zijena says:

    Hi I am code 14 driver looking for work
    I am honest and hard working man &take my work seriously

  83. makhehlane says:

    Thank you for doing a great job guys for people like me who is looking for job opportunities

  84. Mofokeng Tshediso Eric says:

    i am looking for job please help me to find one and i will appriciate anykind of job hope i will get one from u

  85. mofokeng tshediso eric says:

    i need hand worker looking for a job and i am hard worker i take my work serious

  86. KGOSOFATSO says:

    Hello. Am a young individual who is looking for a job to better my life. It would be a great pleasure to hear from you 072 654 6846

  87. Alex says:

    Am Alex Van REINECKE the manager of Galaxy Foods Restaurant and I’d like to give my highly gratitude to Mrs Nolwazi who helped me on how to use Jobmail as an employer and am proud to say that am doing great, job seekers are comming and everything is running so smoothly. Am using Jobmail premium all because of her and the good work that she did as well as for being a great teacher.

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Alex,

      Thank you so much for the kind words about Nolwazi, we’ll make sure that she receives the compliment.

      Kind regards,
      The Job Mail Team

  88. peter says:

    Hi I am looking for a public relations management job please help thanks.

  89. Matsobane says:

    Í am bcom accounting and í am looking for a jobs. Í do mor have a Work ex

    Í am bcom accounting and í am looking for a job

  90. Hi

    I would like to remove my account. Where can I do this?

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