Earn Extra Cash by Finding Part Time Jobs

Need to make some extra cash? You can find plenty of ways to make money by browsing through the part time jobs online. Whether you need cash to spend on beers at the local bar, or you want to buy the perfect outfit for a Friday night out, you can afford it by working a few hours each week. Part time jobs for students include sales reps, receptionists and bartenders.

Student Job Opportunities

If you are looking for student jobs in Pretoria, there are sales reps positions available. As a sales rep you can work in the comfort of your own home. Although you want to earn extra money, it is important to have enough time to concentrate on your studies. This job’s flexible hours allow you to choose when you work and to structure your working hours during study breaks .Marketing companies need students to sell products and payment is based on commission. This means that the more that you put in, the more you get out.


Students can also make some extra money in the holidays by finding a vacancy at a bakery. This position offers a variety of duties which makes it less likely that you will get bored. Duties include baking, making deliveries and helping other staff members. If you love baking, this is the job for you.


Pretoria’s vibrant nightlife creates plenty of opportunities to find employment as a bartender. You can work after lectures and make extra cash while meeting interesting people. This position is a fun employment option where you will be at the centre of exciting events.


Reception work offers lucrative employment and will allow you to gain experience in the working world. You will be responsible for a variety of duties such as answering phones, filing and responding to emails. If you find receptionist work in the industry you are studying, you can advance your career by gaining hands-on knowledge about the industry.


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