Dump Truck Jobs: Everything you need to know about this career in construction

Also known as a Dump Truck Operator, these types of driving jobs require drivers to be fit, knowledgeable and work in a range of different environments. A challenging career, Dump Truck jobs are fun, exciting and poses a new obstacle almost every day. If you are interested in these types of construction jobs, today is most definitely your lucky day. The Job Mail team takes a closer look at what these types of jobs involve and how you can get the needed training and qualifications.


What do dump truck operator jobs involve?

Dump Truck jobs involve the operation of dump trucks either above or underground. These dump trucks move materials such as ore and rock from one place to another safely and effectively.


As a Dump Truck driver, you will be expected to perform a list of tasks and fulfil a number of duties. You will be responsible for doing all the required checks in terms of safety before the truck is used. This includes doing a check to ensure that all the equipment is fully functional and functioning correctly.

This forms part of driving jobs within construction jobs and require that you be capable of driving a dump truck (either fully loaded or empty) from one location to another. You will be transporting a large variety of materials – from crushed rocks and sand, to coal, ore and even gravel.

You will also need excellent manoeuvrability skills as you will be required to position the truck in the correct loading and unloading positions. This is usually accomplished by following the directions of a loading crew, which in turn is in charge of checking that all the loading equipment and the truck itself is perfectly positioned.


As a driver, you might also be involved in either operating mechanical loaders or loading material by hand.

When it comes to controlling the dumper, you will be in charge of all the levers and turning cranks responsible for actually tilting the body and dumping the material. This will also involve you operating the foot and hand control to jerk the dumper truck backwards and forwards to ensure all the loose material is ‘dumped’.

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Because of your position and your knowledge of the equipment you are operating, you might also be required to do routine maintenance that extend to include cleaning, lubrication and even refuelling.

Note that these types of professionals are usually found within the construction industry, but can also be found in a number of other earthmoving related industries.

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What is a dump truck?

A Dump Truck, also sometimes referred to as a tipper or a dumper, is a truck commonly used for the transportation of loose materials (such as rocks, soil and even sand). Equipped with what is called an open-box bed (also fitted with hinges at the back), it also features a hydraulic piston system that is responsible for lifting the front of this open-box bed, allowing for the material to be dumped.


How to fill Driving Jobs in Construction

If you would like to become a Dump Truck Operator, there are two learning paths you can pursue. This Dump Truck training can be outlined as follows:

The first pathway to becoming able to fill dump truck operator jobs is to find employment within the mining or earthworks industry. With construction jobs like this, you will be able to gain both informal workplace experience as well as be able to complete in-house training programmes created and offered by your employer.


Your second learning pathway to Dump Truck jobs is to first complete your Grade 9 Education or an NQF Level 1 General Education and Training Certificate. Once you have this qualification under your belt, you will be eligible to enter a Learnership programme. Known as a Construction in Plant Operations (NQF Level 2) learnership, you can also further your education by completing a NQF Level 3 Construction in Advanced Plant Operations Learnership.

Do note that there are a number of requirements you will need to meet in order to enter a Learnership programme. These requirements include:

  • The fact that you have to be employed by a registered employer within the industry.
  • Do note that it is not a requirement that you have a formal qualification. You only need to demonstrate your competency at a certain level, have a prior learning that is relevant to these driving jobs, have relevant skills and experience.


Dump Truck Training Options in South Africa

If you would like to complete your training (which forms part of your second learning pathway), the following institutions might be able to offer exactly what you need.


Training Force carries accreditations from various training authorities including Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA), the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) and is a member of a number of organisations.

Some of the Short Courses on offer from this training provider include Operating an Articulated Dump Truck and Operating a Rigid Body Dump Truck. You can also complete short courses for various driver jobs that include operating skid steer loaders, Front End Loaders and a Tracked Dozer, to name but a few examples.


Training Force also offers a number of Apprenticeships and Learnerships that can prepare you for a range of Construction jobs.

Another option is the Contractors Plant Hire Association which also offers training programmes. For new entrants into the programme you will need at Code 10 Drivers Licence (or an equivalent), be medically fit and have a Grade 9 education. For those currently employed, you will need a letter of employment (confirming that you have 12 months’ experience in operating the machinery) and be medically fit.


Some of the Skills Programmes on offer from this training institution includes the operation of Graders, Tip or Dump Trucks, TLBs, Excavators and Skid Steer Loaders to name but a few examples.


Important Note: When choosing an institution for training, make sure that it not only offers the appropriate programmes, but also carry the necessary accreditations to ensure that your qualification is the best as well as acknowledge by employers and governing bodies.

Driver Jobs on Job Mail

Whether you are looking for Dump Truck jobs or other types of professions within construction, Job Mail might just be the place for you. Listed below are only a couple of our driver jobs for you to check out:

Construction Workers
Based in Linksfield, Johannesburg, this company is looking for construction workers that will be able to fulfil duties that range from operating large equipment and machinery, to operating construction equipment like trucks and forklifts.


Tipper Truck Driver
If you are looking for Dump Truck jobs, this might be the position for you. Required to have a Code 14 Driver’s License, you are also required to have tipper truck experience.

Looking for driving jobs that will challenge you? Browse through the vacancies advertised on www.JobMail.co.za and find the best dump truck operator and construction jobs in South Africa. Register your CV FREE and start applying for the job of your dreams today.


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