Different types of welding jobs

Welders can receive a qualification from the Southern African Institute of Welding (SAIW). This non-profit organization focuses on upholding international welding standards and is committed to developing the industry. SAIW is an approved training body and courses are given by qualified lecturers. This institution has been operating for over thirty years and the SAIW certification has become an industry standard. Welders who have completed these courses will find it easier to find welding jobs.


There are a variety of different jobs in South Africa for welders to choose from. Welders can be employed by boilermakers who are responsible for assembling and maintaining boilers. This position also involves installing equipment that reduces the environmental impact of boilers. A structural and pressure vessel welder typically works on construction sites and employment can also be found fixing railroads or tanks. Welders can receive specialized training to become an underwater welder and for this position work takes place in a deep sea environment. Welding inspection requires a separate qualification and activities for this position include taking x-rays of equipment and testing welds ultrasonically.



Welders are also employed in the ship building and repair industry. This work requires employees to work on large contracts in ports, and international welding jobs are available in this line of employment. Welders help build different kinds of vessels such as research boats or aircraft carriers. On-board ship maintenance and repair crew are also required and this job offers employees the opportunity to cruise around the world. The crew lives on the ship and activities include replacing pipes as well as doing maintenance work. This position is well paid and includes free food and accommodation. Welding jobs are also available in the motor sports industry and employees work with the pit crew. Other jobs in this industry include helping to assemble cars.


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Rail Road Welding Video:

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Underwater Welding:

[youtube id=”aE4Dtl2IBJo” align=”center” maxwidth=”719″]

Sub Arc Welding used to join two pipes:

[youtube id=”H6QGLGJ-BOE” align=”center” maxwidth=”719″]

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