What is the difference between a Draughtsman and an Architect?

Jobs for Draughtsman in South-AfricaOften people are curious about the difference between a Draughtsman and an Architect. Most of the time people wonder if it is possible to use the skills of either a Draughtsman or Architect to do both jobs.

This Blog will help point you in the right direction.

A Draughtsman, also known as a Draftsman, is a term used to describe an individual with the experience of drafting technical drawings. These drawings can be used for different purposes, such as engineering or architectural purposes.

Draughtsmen originally drew on paper, but because of technology, modern Draughtsman make use of AutoCAD (Computer Aided Drafting) , which helps the drafter to creatively modify, optimize as well as analyse his drawings.

Draughtsmen work for Civil, Mechanical, Mining Engineering and Construction companies. They are the technical drafters of most engineering projects. Often Draughtsmen also work under the supervision of an Architect.

With Draughtsman qualifications you will be able to do the following jobs:

Aeronautical drafters, Civil drafters, Process piping or pipeline drafters and many more.

Whereas being an Architect, you are basically an overseer of the planning and designing of construction and engineering buildings. When you practice as an Architect, your services are primarily focused on interpreting the space for the site, through the use of drawings.

As an Architect, you work alongside the Draughtsman and Engineers to plan and determine the space that will be sufficient for human occupancy or technical use.

An Architect is also responsible of the escape routes that you see in most buildings occupied by people. He or she determines the safest ways for people to escape from a building, in the case of a fire or natural disasters like earthquakes.

Clearly, there is a difference between a Draughtsman and an Architect. Both disciplines work together to bring you a well formulated building.

As a Draughtsman, your estimated annual salary is between R100 000 and R155 000, while the salary of an Architect is estimated to be between R156 000 and R200 000 depending on experience; this is according to Mywage.co.za.

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3 Responses

  1. Doctor says:

    I’ve been applying for the millwright and draughting learnership from last year but no luck.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Doctor – Ideally you should be following up with recruiters once you have applied for a position to check the status of your application. Some recruiters receive up to 700 applications for a single position, so they might not spot your application immediately. If you don’t get feedback from them in 14 days, assume that you did not get the job and move forward.

  2. Grethe says:

    As an Architecture student at the best school of Architecture in the country, I can comment that this article doesn’t even closely describe what an Architect is or does. Do better research perhaps?

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