Did you know there are different types of nurses?

Being a nurse can be a very rewarding and demanding job, but did you know there is more than one type of nurse? Read our blog to discover the wide range of career options that are available for nurses.

Registered nurse jobs are available in educational institutes, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Whether you decide to become a registered nurse or an auxiliary nurse, there are plenty of advantages to a career in the medical industry. If you decide that this is the right career for you, you can find nursing jobs on Job Mail.

Nurses are people’s first point of contact with the healthcare system, and in more remote areas they may be people’s only connection to medical care and they offer affordable care to people who need it the most. As the cost of healthcare rises, there is an increased emphasis on the role of nurses. The need for affordable medical professionals has created plenty of nursing positions, which makes it a great career option to consider.

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The advantages of becoming a nurse include true job satisfaction as well as plenty of employment opportunities. Nurses carry out vital tasks, such as prescribing antiretroviral treatment.

There is a shortage of nurses in South Africa, which is placing stress on our healthcare system. Once you have completed your training, there are different career paths that you can follow. Take a look at the list below to gain a better understanding of the different nursing jobs that are available.

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is also referred to as a professional nurse. Nurses in this category receive training to complete a wide range of tasks. Registered nurse jobs involve taking blood pressure as well as dispensing medicine. They also oversee their patient’s treatment plans to ensure that the correct medicine is dispensed at the correct time. A registered nurse is not fully qualified as this title refers to medical professionals who haven’t completed their training yet.

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Nursing Sister

Once you have completed your nursing training, you will be eligible to work as a nursing sister. In this position, you will be required to perform some of the duties of a registered nurse, but you will also have additional responsibilities. As a nursing sister, you’ll be required to oversee other nurses while they are busy with their training.

Auxiliary Nursing Positions

Auxiliary nursing positions involve providing assistance to nurses, and an auxiliary nurse may be required to assist more than one nurse at a time. They help to take care of patients by giving them bed baths and checking that they are comfortable.

Specialised Nurse

A nurse can choose to complete additional training so that they can specialise in a specific area. One option is to become a community health nurse, which involves visiting patients in their homes. These patients may need additional care or a check-up after they have been discharged from hospital. Other specialisation options include becoming an operating theatre nurse or a children’s nurse. As each area requires different skills and knowledge, additional training is required for these nursing jobs.

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Nursing Qualifications and Skills

If you want to become a nurse, you’ll need to complete a bachelor degree in nursing, which takes four years. Another option is to enrol for a three-year diploma. You will be eligible to work as an auxiliary nurse once you have completed a higher certificate, which has a duration of one year. Registering with the South African Nursing Council is the next step after you’ve completed your training. Suitable courses are available at Mediclinic and Life College. You can also enrol for training at a university of technology. A Bachelor Degree in Nursing Science is offered by universities. This course includes general tasks as well as community and psychiatric care. It also includes training in midwifery.

If you enjoy working with people and you want to make a difference, nursing might just be the right career for you. As a nurse you need to be responsible, trustworthy, and caring. The ability to work under pressure is also required. Nurses need the physical stamina to be able to spend long hours on their feet.

With so many advantages to finding nursing jobs, it is easy to see why this career path is a popular option. The variety of nursing positions means that you can choose a role that best meets your requirements and interests. You can find plenty of nursing jobs on Job Mail.

Did you know there are different types of nurses? | Job Mail Blog
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Did you know there are different types of nurses? | Job Mail Blog
Being a nurse can be a very rewarding and demanding job? Read our blog to discover the wide range of career options that are available for nurses.
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