Copywriter and content creator jobs in SA

Are you looking for writing jobs? Finding a career as a copywriter can offer you plenty of employment opportunities. If you have a passion for writing, you might want to consider copywriter jobs. From big corporate companies to advertising agencies, there are numerous employers who require the services of professionals in this field.

What is Copywriting?

Firstly, you will want an answer to the question, what is copywriting?

copywriter jobs

Working as a copy writer, you might find yourself in fields that include advertising, copy editing and maybe even publicity. The main responsibility of a copywriter is to write articles and slogans with the aim of promoting brands.

Copy writers can also be responsible for promoting people, products or ideas. Another task that is associated with this position is writing tag lines. The writing is used in a wide range of marketing materials and these writers’ work is used to make up brochures, flyers and catalogues. Posters and websites also contain the work of copy writers.

These types of writing jobs can usually be found in the creative department of companies. They can also work in a consultancy or as a freelancer. Copywriters work as part of a team with other creatives. They work under the guidance of an art director.

The tasks and responsibilities of a Copywriter

Copywriter jobs involve liaising with clients to produce work that meets the client’s requirements. Before they start working on a project they need to have an adequate understanding of the client’s brief. They discuss their client’s requirements, review briefs and make suggestions where necessary.

Copy writers research their client’s target market in order to gain insight into who they are writing the copy for. In order to create good copy they also need to review the company’s brand. Copywriters are also required to review the companies that are competing with their client’s brand.


Once they have a comprehensive understanding of the client’s brand and the target market, copy writers can brain-storm ideas. After choosing their best ideas these writers develop their ideas and present their concepts to the client. Once the client has approved their concepts employees in this position write concise and original copy.

Once the copy has been developed it is checked for spelling and punctuation. The copy is then sent to the art director or client for approval. Copy writing also involves editing the copy according to the requirements of the art director or client. When the advertising campaign is running copywriters monitor its progress. These types of writing jobs will also require you to follow trends, helping you to produce copy that is up-to-date with what is popular.

What you need to for a career in copy writing

If you are interested in copywriter jobs, you will need a certain set of skills in order to build a successful career, a passion for writing being a good start.

You will also need to be creative as, in order to get ahead in this career, you will need to come up with innovative ideas quickly.

copywriting jobs

Writing jobs require outstanding communication skills and the ability to cope under pressure is vital to this role. Copy writing also requires you to commit to deadlines while producing quality work. The ability to concentrate and to work as part of a team are required for this position.

Copy writers must be computer literate with superior writing skills. Good general knowledge is also required. Copywriters typically work in an office and may be required to work long hours.

While a qualification is not required to secure a job, copywriting courses are beneficial. These courses can help writers to improve their skills which increases their chances of being hired.

There are a wide range of educational institutes in South Africa that offer copywriting courses. You can complete a two year or one year postgraduate Copywriting Diploma at the AAA School of Advertising. Part-time courses are also available.

The minimum requirements for a copywriting course at this institution are basic writing skills and computer literacy.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Copywriter Jobs

Before you decide whether to become a copywriter or not, it’s a good idea to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this position.

copy writing

One of the plus sides of working as a copy writer is that there are plenty of jobs available. A diverse range of companies need the skills of copywriters to promote their businesses through the written word. The variety of topics that copywriters cover keeps this job interesting.

As a copywriter you can start out by covering a range of topics and then decide which area you want to specialise in. This may involve writing for legal or medical organisations. Another benefit to finding copywriting jobs is that they involve plenty of creativity.

Social media copywriting also offers exciting job opportunities. If you choose to become a freelance writer, you will have plenty of freedom. Flexible hours mean that you can work whenever you want as long as you meet your deadlines.

The great thing about copy writing is that you don’t need a tertiary education to enter the job market. As long as you work hard and have outstanding writing skills, you can apply for a job in this field.

The average salary for copywriting jobs in South Africa is R 141 343 per year. The compensation for writing jobs depends on experience and location.

While there are many positive aspects to copywriting, it is important to be aware of the disadvantages of this role. Copy writing involves the consistent production of quality work which can be tiring.

courses for copywriters

Copywriters need to complete assignments regardless of whether they are feeling inspired or not, meeting deadlines and working under pressure. Another downside of copywriting is that if you are a freelancer working remotely, you may get lonely without any interactions with colleagues.

While you don’t need tertiary education to become a copywriter, breaking into the industry can come with challenges. The first step is to develop your portfolio. The aim of a portfolio is to showcase your work. Make sure that you include your best writing pieces in your portfolio. Prospective employees are looking for creativity and perfect grammar. Once you are well prepared, you can start searching for copywriting jobs online. You may want to look for a full-time position or start off by freelancing.

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Copywriter and content creator jobs in SA
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Copywriter and content creator jobs in SA
Finding a career as a copywriter can offer you plenty of employment opportunities. If you have a passion for writing, consider copywriter jobs.
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