Control room operator and security jobs in SA

Control room operator jobs on Job Mail offer rewarding career opportunities. As a control room operator plays a vital role in the functioning of companies, this position is both challenging and important. Before you decide whether this is the career you want to pursue, read our blog.

Day to day of a Control Room Operator

Firstly you may be wondering what control room operators actually do on a daily basis. While there are specific duties that typically accompany this role, the tasks also differ according to the specific company that you are working for.

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The aim of this role is to ensure that the control room runs smoothly. Control room jobs involve monitoring other staff members as well as problem solving. Control room operators oversee equipment usage and the tasks that other staff members perform.

At the core of this role are the tasks that are associated with maintaining safety in the control room. They are required to ensure that the control room is running efficiently. A control room operator also performs maintenance tasks.

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Working in Control Room Operator Jobs

Control room jobs are available in a range of industries including engineering and electrical generation companies. They can also find employment in power plants.

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Power Plants

Control room operators can be in power plants and their work involves the operation of equipment and maintenance of machinery. The control room operator may be required to use advanced control systems and technology. This role can be challenging as it requires high levels of activity as well as flexibility. To fulfil the requirements for this role, adequate training and experience are needed.

Television Stations

Master control operator jobs are also available in television stations. In this role, operators are tasked with broadcasting television signals. The operating tasks are carried out by two or three people. These tasks are vital for the smooth running of the television station.

As their role is crucial, operators need to be trustworthy and dedicated to their job at all times. This job requires high levels of concentration as there is frequent changing between programs. As well as everyday responsibilities, they also need to repair, replace and maintain equipment.

control room operator jobs in security

Security Jobs

Within security jobs you will also find professionals working as control room operators. The control centre is a point for overseeing alarms as well as surveillance equipment. Security is electronically monitored and if an incident occurs a response is directed through the operating centre. Large businesses may have their own control centre located on their premises while smaller companies may use the services of a control centre at a different location.

Control room operator jobs in security involve the use of software and CCTV systems. They monitor activities on corporate or residential properties. They perform their tasks in accordance with their client’s needs. Depending on the employer and their needs, control room operators may be required to tend to potential threats in person or conduct patrol duties. Another task that is associated with this position is overseeing the activities of manpower in the field.

Are you ready for control room jobs?

Control room jobs are challenging. To succeed in this role you will need to perform more than just the basic duties. As the duties of a control operator are vital to the company’s operations, it is crucial that this job is carried out efficiently.

The downside of this role is if something goes wrong in the control room, the operator is held responsible for any resulting issues. There is little room for mistakes as a control room operator.

The average annual income for control room operators is R 62 900. The income depends on the industry you work in as well as whether it is a senior level position or not. Training can increase your chances of being hired as well as the salary that you receive.

control room and security jobs

The Enforce Training Academy has both PSIRA and SETA Accreditation. The academy is dedicated to equipping control operators with the skills that they need to excel at their duties. CCTV and Control Room Operators courses are offered through the academy.

Tavcom training offers BTEC certified courses. These courses provide information on the laws and regulations which are necessary to excel in security jobs. Other subjects that are covered include technology and conflict management.

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Control room operator and security jobs in SA
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Control room operator and security jobs in SA
As a control room operator plays a vital role in the functioning of companies, this position is both challenging and important.
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