Construction Jobs – The role of the Contract Manager

Are you looking for construction jobs? Working as a contract manager has many advantages and, if you want to apply for contract manager jobs, you will need experience in the construction industry as well as the right skill set. In this position you will play a vital role in the construction industry. Read our blog to find out more about this exciting employment opportunity.

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What is a Contract Manager?

Contract managers are responsible for overseeing the contracts that play a vital role in projects. They make sure that projects are completed promptly and within the specified financial restraints. Contract management positions can be found in the construction industry.

Employees in this role oversee contracts for different types of projects such as building offices or educational facilities. Working in this field, you will serve as a contact for the public as well as their clients. They also liaise with sub-contractors.

The annual salary for a contracts manager is R458 755 on average. Relevant experience as well as skills in Microsoft Excel and operations management are associated with higher pay. The location of the job also has an impact on your income. Salaries are higher in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

working as a contract manager in the construction undustry

Contract Manager Job Description

Understanding the responsibilities and tasks that are associated with contract manager jobs will help you succeed in this position. A vital part of working as a contract manager is ensuring that health and safety guidelines are upheld.

Contract managers deal with health and safety problems with the aim of protecting staff members. Another core responsibility of this role is negotiating client expectations as well as liaising sub-contractors to place orders and to oversee the progress of the sub-contractor’s work. They are involved with project planning through setting critical milestones and arranging labour. Another task associated with this position is resolving disputes.

One of the benefits of being a professional in this field is that the position offers plenty of variety. The wide range of projects and tasks associated with this position makes working as a contract manager interesting. There are also plenty of opportunities for continuous learning. The satisfaction of finishing projects is another benefit of this job.

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Professionals in these types of construction jobs typically work regular hours from Monday to Friday, while some positions may include travel. In terms of work environment, you can expect to spend time in both an office as well as on site.

While office work has high comfort levels, working on site is more challenging. It is necessary to wear protective clothing on site and there are times when a contract manager will need to be outdoors in poor weather conditions. Contract managers authorise payments. They are responsible for writing documents and keeping records.

Qualifications and Experience of Contract Manager Jobs

Before you decide if this is the right career for you, let us take a look at what training and experience contract managers need.

If you are just starting your career in the construction industry, you can cultivate these skills so that you can progress to management positions in time. To succeed in this career, you will need in-depth knowledge of the contracting process.

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A thorough understanding of technical building requirements is also essential. You will also need good interpersonal skills to maintain relationships with a variety of people. They need to have leadership qualities as well as the ability to work as part of a team.

Organisational and problem-solving skills are essential. The ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure is necessary. Professionals also need maths and IT capabilities. To enter into the role of contract manager, you will need industry experience. Experience as a project manager in another industry will also contribute to your eligibility for this role.

You can gain experience by becoming a contracts assistant or by working as an administrator in the construction industry. Training in contracts and contract law is advantageous.

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Suitable qualifications include a degree in Business or Business Law. Another option is Human Resources Management. It is beneficial to complete a postgraduate qualification in Management. You can also enrol for a postgraduate degree in Business Administration to increase your chances of being hired.

Interested in starting your career as a contract manager, or already qualified and looking for a new job opportunity? Browse through the contract manager jobs on Job Mail and apply for great opportunities by registering your CV.

Construction Jobs - The role of the Contract Manager
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Construction Jobs - The role of the Contract Manager
Working as a contract manager has many advantages and, if you want to apply for these jobs, you will need experience as well as the right skill set.
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