Construction jobs – Being a Site Agent

Site Agent positions offer excellent employment opportunities as well as good job satisfaction. If you are looking for construction jobs, a Site Managerial position might be the right choice for you. From reliability to financial capabilities, a wide range of skills are required to succeed in Site Agent jobs.

What is a Site Agent?

A Site Agent is responsible for overseeing the activities on construction sites with the aim of ensuring that projects are completed on schedule. They liaise with contractors as well as sub-contractors to ensure that tasks are carried out efficiently.

Site Agent jobs are available from building firms. Positions can also be found in Civil Engineering companies. This position may also be advertised with the title of Construction Manager. As this is a senior level position it comes with high levels of responsibility.

site agent jobs in construction

Site Agent Job Description

These construction jobs include daily tasks that require physical stamina as well as financial capabilities. This position involves project planning. A Site Agent is required to determine the project’s schedule and budget with the client as well as the contractors.

Once the timeframes and financials have been agreed upon they oversee the construction activities to ensure that everything goes according to plan. They source the materials that are required for the project and ensure that the project expenditures don’t exceed the budget. They are responsible for managing workers as well as resolving conflicts.

Professionals in these types of construction jobs are also responsible for drafting contracts. Not only is the completion of tasks important, employees in this position are required to ensure that high quality standards are being maintained. They check that the work is being carried out according to the client’s specifications.

job description of a site agent

An important part of a site manager’s duties is enforcing safety regulations. Employees in this position are also required to develop solutions to any problems that occur at the construction site. They are responsible for administrative tasks, such as report writing and record keeping. Site Agents are required to attend regular meetings with professionals in the construction industry as well as with clients.

Employment Opportunities and Work Environment

Site Agent jobs can be found at property development companies as well as in the public sector. Large companies that own pieces of land may also require the services of a Site Agent.

Other employment opportunities are provided by construction companies. Site Agents also have the option of being self-employed. Professionals with experience in this position can also apply for Project Engineer and Area Superintendent jobs.

Employees in this position typically earn an annual income of R342 050 in South Africa. Higher salaries are associated with Microsoft Word and Office skills. Capabilities in Microsoft Project as well as Adobe Acrobat can also result in an increased income.

A Site Agent is typically expected to work 40 hours with an earlier start and finish time than normal business hours. However, overtime is required during busy periods. In order to meet deadlines, employees in this role may be required to work on weekends and during the evenings.

jobs in construction

Site Agents work on the construction site. This involves being outdoors during a range of weather conditions as well as wearing protective clothing. This position can be physically demanding and it may involve working at elevated heights. Employees in this role may be expected to travel to different sites as well as to meetings with clients.

Skills and Education for Site Agent Jobs

Do you have what it takes to become a Site Agent? Take a look at the list below to find out what you need to succeed in this profession:

  • Leadership capabilities
  • Communication skills
  • Organisational capabilities
  • Self-motivation
  • Commitment to safety
  • Trustworthiness
  • Problem-solving capabilities
  • Interpersonal skills

While these key skills are important, you will also need to have the right qualifications as well as experience working in construction jobs to succeed in this career.

One option is to complete a general project management course. This option is suitable if you already have extensive experience in the construction industry.

A preferable option is to enrol at a university for a qualification in construction project management. Two professional bodies, which are relevant for this profession, include SACPCMP and ACPM.

Site Agent jobs on Job Mail offer a fast-paced work environment that is both dynamic and interesting. If you have what it takes to succeed as a Site Agent, register your CV on Job Mail and browse for vacancies.

Construction jobs – Being a Site Agent
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Construction jobs – Being a Site Agent
Responsible for overseeing the activities on construction sites, Site Agent positions offer excellent employment opportunities.
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