Consider a creative career in Animation

Along with the rest of the IT industry 3D animation is expanding rapidly both locally and across the globe. It is predicted that this trend will continue as there is a need for animators across a range of industries. When it comes to IT jobs there are plenty of reasons to choose to specialise as an animator. Here is more information about computer animation jobs to help you decide whether this is the right career for you.


Employment Opportunities

An animation maker can find employment opportunities in the film and advertising industries. Video game development and web design companies also require the skills of a talented animation creator. When it comes to information technology careers there are plenty of opportunities for animators.

The Duties of an Animator

An animation maker is expected to create visual images which convey a specified message. They use both classic and modern skills to create state-of-the-art animated clips. It is important for animators to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in animation and technology. Constant learning is necessary to succeed in this role.

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As an animator you can bring life to characters and create magic. There are different roles that are available to animators. An in-between animator is an entry-level position which allows you to advance your skills and gain experience in the industry. You could also work as a modeller, background artist or layout artist.

Advantages of IT and Computer jobs

One of the advantages that we have already mentioned is the employment opportunities which are available for people who are looking for IT jobs. Another positive side to an animation career is that it is both exciting and challenging. It also allows you to use your creativity on a daily basis. Animator careers come with the potential to advance your career and earn a high salary.

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Job Requirements for an Animation Creator

Creativity and technical skills are two vital requirements for animators. As this position falls under information technology jobs an in-depth understanding of computers is required. As in other computer jobs it is vital to keep up with the latest technological developments. Innovative people with big ideas are perfect for this position.


You can practice sketching and drawing to improve your skills as an animator. A Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts is a good starting point for an animation career. Drawing skills are important for this position. You will need to be hard-working and motivated to succeed at this career.

If you want to secure a position within computer animation jobs, you will need to complete training at an educational institute. It is also advisable to build up a portfolio so that you can show potential employees what you are capable of.


With an in-depth understanding of the skills needed to become an animation maker you will be well equipped to find employment in this field.

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    Hi I.m loking for driving job.i have code10 liecence with pdp .security certificate grade c with psira.firearm diploma.if you have space please call 0768956853

  2. john says:

    Hi Bruce
    I’m extremely interested in the world of animation, how would one such as I apply for that particular position?

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi John – Check for listings on the Job Mail, log in, register (if you haven’t already) and apply

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    I want to expand my career

  4. Ntherisang says:

    Hi. I’m interested in applying for 3D animation, but have only just taught myself & mastered 2D animation. I have no qualifications- period. I’m keen on learning for the sole people of game design. Would it be advisable for me to apply?

  5. jeff thomson says:

    The 3d animated video maker earn more then 2d animated video makers and its more intresting job too thats why i prefer 3d

  6. Pankaj Joshi says:

    Animation allows you to give life to any concept. It can give a soul to your dream character. Wide of courses in animation which can surely take you towards your dream job.

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