Why you should consider a career in procurement

Are you considering a career in procurement? Job Mail takes a look at what is needed when it comes to procurement jobs and specifically a procurement office.

What is procurement?

Procurement is the act of obtaining or buying goods and services. The process includes planning, preparation and processing. It often involves functions such as standards determination, specifications development, supplier research and selection, value analysis,  financing,  price negotiation, inventory control and stores, and  disposals .

What Is a Procurement Officer?

Procurement-jobs-in-SouthAfricaA procurement officer is a commonly used term that describes someone who works full time in the field of procurement or purchasing. There are specific education, certification, and experience requirements to get a job as a procurement officer. This role is most commonly found in large organizations or businesses with a centralized purchasing department.

In order to become a procurement officer, most employers require successful completion of post-secondary education. This can be either a university or college degree, typically in business although a select few colleges provide training programs in procurement or purchasing. Many purchasing officers complete a professional designation or certification program.

Procurement is an increasingly important area in many companies, due to its unique role in the purchasing process. An effective officer can help the company reduce costs, obtain quality goods, and manage cash flow. This is a very important role in all firms, both large and small.

Qualifications, experience and skills:
• Demonstrate excellent people management skills
• Have a healthy sense of curiosity
• A qualification such as a BA Degree in Procurement, Supply Chain, or equivalent is  advantageous
• Ability to work with diverse cultures and communities.
• Have great communication, writing and reporting skills.
• Be able to work independently and as part of a team.
• Show initiative and be deadline-driven.
• Have good planning and organisational skills.

Many employers prefer individuals who have earned bachelor degrees in a business, finance or economic related field. However, some may also prefer job candidates who have earned certification in the field as well and can demonstrate excellent practical skills.

So, if you are looking at procurement jobs we hope this information has helped you. Check out the latest listings on Job Mail for this job field.


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    wow thank you for the advice i did not know there was a degree specifically for procurement.

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