Coding to be introduced as a subject in schools

Are you interested in coding? With the increasing demand for professionals who have coding experience, this subject is being introduced in South African schools. If you’ve studied coding, you can find a broad range of positions available on Job Mail.

The introduction of coding as a subject in schools

Starting 2020, coding is a new subject the Department of Education plan to introduce into South African schools. This subject stands out because it combines a variety of different capabilities. An important aspect of this subject is computational thinking skills. No information has been released on the type of coding languages that will be taught. It’s also not clear what style will be used during the lessons. However, the coding curriculum will include written instructions that a computer or robot can process and then carry out. Learners will be required to decide what action they want the robot to perform before creating the relevant code. Once the learner has written the code, it will be sent to the robot to assess the results.

Coding capabilities have far-reaching benefits for learners. They’ll learn to develop apps and programs as well as valuable skills, such as problem-solving and analytical thinking. Coding is an engaging subject that develops skills that are sought after across a range of sectors. Research shows that learners with coding skills achieve better results on cognitive ability tests. There is a high demand for ICT employees, which makes it important to equip graduates with the skills they need to fill these positions.

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6 careers you can follow with coding as a subject

Software application developer

If you’ve studied coding, you can consider pursuing a career as a software developer. These professionals are tasked with creating programs that are designed to meet the requirements of the company they’re working for. Software developers play a role in how data is stored. They’re also involved in data access. Their duties include component development, where they are responsible for ensuring that the systems run efficiently. They help to upgrade software and resolve any issues that take place during this process.

Web developer

A web developer is responsible for creating applications for the internet. They communicate with clients to gain insight into their needs and goals as well as to negotiate contracts. Web developers use layouts and colours from web designers to create the back-end elements of websites. They ensure that the functions, as well as the navigation tools for websites, are user-friendly. To succeed as a web developer, you’ll need to be computer literate with an understanding of the internet. Outstanding listening skills and organisational qualities are also required. Problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure are essential.

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Database administrator

The main duty of a database administrator is to oversee the installation and operations of software on database systems that have multiple users. They’re responsible for stipulating the log-in criteria, which allows authorised company employees to access the information. Database administrators link up staff members to the database and customise the software to meet the requirements of the company and its employees. They find solutions to any problems that arise with the database system and ensure that the information is backed up. You’ll need to be interested in technology with the ability to think logically to succeed in this position.

Computer network architect

A computer network architect is responsible for designing and building data communication networks. Their duties may include developing local area or wide area networks. They can also work on intranets. The computer networks may link up two small offices locally or they can connect larger international offices. Network architects need an in-depth understanding of the company’s business plan so that they can customise the network to meet their requirements. They need to ensure that the information is kept secure when they’re designing a network. Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology is vital for this role. Coding capabilities can also help you to succeed in IT fields.

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Computer systems analyst

A computer systems analyst plays a role in increasing the efficiency of an organisation’s computer systems. They combine business and technology in order to complete their duties. They liaise with managers to gain insight into the company’s current computer systems and they research new technologies. Once they determine which upgrades are necessary, they calculate the costs that are associated with their recommendations.

Computer programmer

Coding is one of the core competencies that a computer programmer needs to succeed. They write code using computer languages to create instructions for computers that result in the required output. These professionals liaise with IT staff and managers to complete their duties. They also work with the end users of the computer software. Analytical thinking and the ability to pay attention to detail are required for this position.

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Now that you know more about coding, you can decide what career path is right for you and look for exciting job opportunities on Job Mail. From web developer positions to computer programmer jobs, there are plenty of exciting opportunities to choose from.

Coding to be introduced as a subject in schools
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Coding to be introduced as a subject in schools
Starting 2020, coding is a new subject the Department of Education plan to introduce into South African schools. Read the Job Mail blog for more info.
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