Clearing and Forwarding – What is a Clearing Agent?

Are you thinking of becoming a clearing agent? If you are confident and organised, why not consider a career in this field? Also called a shipping agent, there are many learning pathways that offer access to this position. Already qualified and looking for jobs in clearing and forwarding? Register your CV on Job Mail and apply for vacancies.

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What is a Clearing Agent?

The primary responsibility of a custom clearing agent is to check that insurance as well as export and import requirements are being met. They review cargo and separate it into different categories which impacts the import or export fees which need to be paid. They are also responsible for signing bills of lading. A shipping agent position can also be referred to as a cargo agent, forwarding agent or a commercial and claims coordinator role.

Another task that is associated with this position is the maintenance of records which offer details of received goods. Records of dispatched items are also kept. Clearing agents play a role in the movement of goods between local destinations as well as the transport of goods internationally. They receive and store items in warehouses and professionals in this field may also be required to oversee the packaging of goods which are set aside for exportation. The goods may be loaded into trucks or shipping containers, depending on the intended form of transportation.

If goods are being shipped, it is important for professionals in this field to ensure that shipping guidelines are met. A custom clearing agent is responsible for recording routine information. Another part of this role is logistics, which is used to monitor any detours that are made from the route during a trip.

These professionals play an important role in overseeing the delivery of products and are responsible for ordering containers as well as conducting research into freight costs.

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Clearing Agent Education and Qualifications

To succeed in this career you will need outstanding skills of observance. The ability to organise as well as methodological thinking is also required. To succeed in a clearing and forwarding role, you will need to be confident. Possessing the ability to remain calm under pressure is also important.

Coordination capabilities and interpersonal skills are required for this role. A basic understanding of law is necessary. There is also a need for basic accounting skills, with leardership qualities being required in more advanced positions.

There are many avenues to become a clearing agent. You are eligible for a number of different learnerships if you have a Grade 10 or NQF Level 2 qualification. Options include a learnership in Level 3 Freight Forwarding and Customs Compliance in Generic, Air and Surface.

With Grade 11, you will be eligible for a learnership in Level 4 Freight Forwarding and Customs Compliance in Financing and Purchasing or Customs. Advanced learnerships and diplomas are also offered in this category. Grade 12 allows you access to a Level 5 learnership in Freight Handling Logistics.

You can find a wide range of places to study for a custom clearing agent position in South Africa. You can complete training with Skills Development Specialist or Global Maritime Legal Solution.

Other options include the School of Shipping, ITRISA and Metro Minds. The Chartered Institute of Ship Brokers and Agents also offer opportunities to study in this field.

Work Environment and Salary of a Clearing Agent

A clearing and forwarding agent is employed to work in factories and warehouses. They can also find employment in courier companies or organisations that handle exports and imports.

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According to PayScale a clearing agent earns an average annual salary of R 124 488. Experience has an impact on the income of professionals in this field. This position is also listed as a scare skill which means that there is a demand for shipping agent professionals.

There are entry-level positions in this field which offer easy ways to get started and gain experience. Once you have developed your knowledge and skills, you can consider finding a more advanced position.

Now that you know more about clearing and forwarding, you can find employment opportunities on Job Mail. Register your CV and get started today.

Clearing and Forwarding – What is a Clearing Agent?
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Clearing and Forwarding – What is a Clearing Agent?
Are you thinking of becoming a clearing agent? If you are confident and organised, why not consider a career in this field?
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