Choosing a fashion job that suits your personality

Turn your passion for fashion into an employment opportunity by pursuing a career as a Fashion Designer, Buyer or Pattern Maker. If you love to shop, you can consider becoming a Fashion Stylist. Ambitious individuals, who have an understanding of the latest trends, are set up for success in a fashion job.

final touches done by a stylist

You could also consider a career in fashion illustration which requires artistic talent and computer skills. With trends that are constantly changing, this industry is exciting and interesting. If you make it to the top, you may even have the opportunity to work with celebrities. Find your dream fashion job on Job Mail.

Fashion Designer

Do you have style? Are you creative? If you are passionate about fashion, why not consider a career as a designer? To succeed in this career you need to be ambitious and self-motivated. Sketching skills and the ability to work under pressure are other requirements. A Fashion Designer is responsible for designing clothes.

They decide on the style, colour combinations and fabrics that are used to create an outfit. If you are passionate about one type of clothing, you can choose to specialise. Options for specialisation include sportswear, wedding dresses and shoes.

fashion designer displaying their work



Clothing manufacturers offer employment in this industry. Self-employment is an option which gives you the freedom to produce haute couture clothes that show off your creative talent. The daily tasks that are associated with this role include making sketches, drawing patterns, sourcing fabric and preparing samples.

You can also expect to conduct quality checks and to calculate budgets if you are working as a designer. If you want to secure a fashion job, you need to complete a Diploma in Fashion Design.

Another option is to enrol in a Diploma in Clothing Management. Durban University of Technology, the University of Johannesburg and Walter Sisulu University offer relevant qualifications.

Fashion Buyer

Do you enjoy travelling? As a Fashion Buyer you will be responsible for selecting the clothes that are sold in retail stores. Sourcing clothes involves trips to local and international trade shows. To succeed in this career you need to have a versatile, creative and determined personality.

fashion buyers clothes

You need a good sense of style and the ability to predict fashion trends if you want to work as a Fashion Buyer. You can find a fashion job in retail outlets or with clothing distributers. Buyers typically specialise in one area such as women’s clothes, accessories or lingerie.

Daily tasks include researching fashion trends, analysing customer needs and ordering samples. Buyers are expected to communicate with designers, manufacturers and managers. If you want to become a fashion buyer, you will need to study fashion or merchandising.

Relevant experience working in the retail industry is beneficial. One option is to obtain a National certificate in Wholesale and Retail. Another is to complete a Degree in Fashion Design.

Fashion Stylist

If you enjoy shopping and working with people, you should consider a career as a Fashion Stylist. Take a look at the following checklist to see if you have what it takes to succeed as a stylist:

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Trustworthiness
  • Style
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ambition
  • Creativity

This exciting fashion job involves selecting outfits for a range of different purposes. As a stylist you may be asked to pick outfits for the models on a fashion shoot. You may also be employed by Fashion Designers to offer your assistance at fashion shows.

stylist at work

Celebrities hire a fashion stylist when they need an outfit for a high profile event. Tasks that you can expect to perform include researching fashion trends, networking with designers and shopping. As a stylist it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of your client’s requirements and taste.

If you want to pursue this career, training in fashion design is beneficial. Another relevant qualification is fashion merchandising. You could also choose to start out as an assistant in the fashion industry to gain experience before starting your own business.

Pattern Maker

A Pattern Maker is responsible for creating templates. Take a look at the following checklist to see what is required to become a successful Pattern Maker:

  • Accuracy
  • Budgeting skills
  • Creativity
  • Geometric understanding
  • Mathematical capabilities
  • Tidiness

fashion pattern maker at work

Pattern makers are required to create patterns according to a designer’s blueprints. Part of this process involves measuring out the pattern and cutting the fabric accordingly. Through precision pattern makers ensure the correct measurement of the garment at the same time as helping to conserve fabric.

Tasks that are associated with this role include making sketches, taking measurements and drawing patterns. To be eligible for this fashion job, you will need to complete an apprenticeship and trade test. Another option is to complete a learnership or internship.

Durban University of Technology and the University of Johannesburg offer relevant training.

Fashion Illustrator

Do you have what it takes to be a Fashion Illustrator? Creativity, originality and perseverance are required to succeed in this role. Attention-to-detail and self-motivation are also important. In fashion illustration one needs a good sense of style as well as the ability to work under pressure.

work of a fashion illustrator

Illustrators in this role are responsible for representing fashion brands through illustrations. This position is similar to that of a Graphic Designer. Fashion illustration use their artistic capabilities to produces graphics and patterns.

They are also tasked with creating the designs that are printed on clothes. Tasks include creating sketches, selecting colours, conducting research and presenting ideas. Talent as well as training are required to enter this career. Experience in the fashion industry is beneficial. One option is to complete a Diploma in Fine Art at Rhodes University.

Another option is to study a Bachelor of Technology in Fine Art at the Central University of Technology. Other relevant qualifications include a Bachelor of Graphic Design or a Bachelor of Visual Art.

Now that you know more about what personality traits and skills are required in the fashion industry, you can choose a career that is right for you.

You will increase your chances of securing a fashion job by gaining a relevant qualification. With a qualification in hand, finding a job will be easier and browsing Job Mail will be to your convenience.

Choosing a fashion job that suits your personality
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Choosing a fashion job that suits your personality
Turn your passion for fashion into an employment opportunity by pursuing a career as a Fashion Designer, Buyer or Pattern Maker.
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