Choose a lucrative career in Logistics Management

Logistics management is a great career with plenty of opportunities for advancement. Logistics management jobs on Job Mail involve the overseeing of transport and distribution chains. With the right skills and capabilities you can achieve success in this role. As a logistics manager is required across a wide range of industries there are plenty of opportunities to advance.

Before you decide whether this is the right career for you or not, take a look at what this position entails.

logistics management

What is Logistics and Logistics Management?

Logistics is defined as:

the planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other operation.

A logistics manager oversees the smooth operations of companies which transport and store goods as well as materials. These companies are involved in transporting goods from warehouses to the suppliers and finally to the customer.

Managerial jobs in logistics are available across a wide range of industries. Logistics companies play a vital role in the smooth operations of a company. Depending on their employers, logistic managers may work on a local or regional level. Logistics management can also be carried out on a national and international level. Another title for this position is a supply chain manager. This position can also be advertised as a distribution manager.

Logistics Manager Job Description and Daily Tasks

A Logistics Manager is required to liaise with purchasing and warehouse staff. Professionals in logistics jobs are also in close communication with transport clerks. The main focus of their job is to ensure that products and materials reach their destination in good condition and on time. They also check that products and materials are properly stored.

logistics management jobs

They are responsible for determining delivery timetables. Another part of this role is inventory control. Logistic managers use computer databases to check stock quantities. They ensure that the process of ordering and packing runs smoothly so that products are prepared for dispatch. Employees in this role review the supply networks and problem-solve to ensure that the networks are running at maximum efficiency. Logistics management jobs also involve managing the arrival of new shipments.

Logistics managers supervise administrative and distribution tasks to ensure that they are performing tasks correctly and timeously. Another responsibility which is associated with this position is overseeing quality management. They also help with storage design. Logistics managers are responsible for recruiting and training staff.

What you will need to be successful in Logistics Jobs

Do you have what it takes to be successful in logistics jobs? If you want to do well in this role you will need to have logical and critical thinking. Excellent problem solving skills are also a requirement. Jobs in logistics require organisational skills as well as computer literacy.

The ability to problem-solve and make decisions under pressure is an asset. Logistics managers should be self-motivated with superior interpersonal skills.

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If you want to build a career in logistics, you will need to study further. One option is to complete a BCom with logistics management. You could also elect to study logistics as part of a BSc in Agriculture. Mathematics is a requirement if you want to study these degrees. Another option is to complete a diploma.

The SA Maritime School offers a diploma in Freight Logistics which requires two years of study on Saturdays. Learnerships are also available. To be eligible for this diploma you will need mathematics or, alternatively, math literacy.

The University of Johannesburg offers a selection of diplomas as well as a Bachelor of Technology. In South Africa the majority of Universities of Technology offer diplomas in logistics. Other options include BTech and DTech degrees. Certificates can be obtained at the Centre for Logistics Excellence as well as Damelin. Unisa and Metro Minds also offer relevant courses.

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Employment opportunities and salaries

The constant developments in the field of logistics management keep this career interesting. From advances in technology to changing industry demands, there are plenty of developments in this role. Another advantage of logistic management jobs is that there is plenty of room for advancement in this career.

logistics jobs

With so many opportunities for advancement, there are numerous chances for professionals to make an impact on the industry. With the right skills and hard work you can move up to a more senior position quickly. Logistics managers need to keep up-to-date with consumer trends and adapt their strategies accordingly. The profession is also making an impact on economic growth.

According to PayScale Logistics jobs have an average annual salary of R 303 767.

Once you have completed relevant courses you can start applying for logistics management jobs on Job Mail. From entry-level positions to senior roles, there are many opportunities online. Register your CV today and start applying!

Choose a lucrative career in Logistics Management
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Choose a lucrative career in Logistics Management
Logistics management is a great career with plenty of opportunities for advancement. Take a look at what this position entails.
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