Chef vs. Pastry Chef: Culinary career options

Are you passionate about food? Do you love to cook? Then take a look at the vacancies which are available in the food industry. You can find entry-level positions as well as chef jobs which require specialised skills. It is advisable to get more information on each position so that you can ensure that you have the right training and skills for the job. Here are more details on what it takes to become a Chef or Pastry Chef.

Pastry chefs in the kitchen

Chefs can find employment in restaurants, hotels and educational institutes. Opportunities are also available in medical facilities and cruise ships. There is a demand for Pastry Chefs in big hotels and top restaurants. Other great places to search for Pastry Chef jobs are in bakeries and patisseries. If you complete additional training, you could become a chocolatier.

cullinary chef at work

Chefs oversee the operations in kitchens, while Pastry Chefs focus on preparing baked goods. Duties of a Chef include managing staff, planning menus and ordering stock. They are also involved in the preparation of food. Other responsibilities which are associated with this position include calculating prices and devising new dishes. They are required to ensure that health and safety regulations are upheld. Chefs train new staff and draw up staff schedules. Pastry Chefs are responsible for preparing pastries, breads and desserts. Chef jobs also involve liaising with the head chef to plan menus.

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To become a chef you need to be dedicated to your job as you will be required to work long hours in a fast paced environment. Creativity, passion and good literacy skills are required for this position. Pastry chefs must be able to pay attention to detail. Excellent organizational and communication skills are required for this position.

To become a chef you can start out with an entry-level kitchen job and work your way up to a chef position. If you are hard-working and quick to learn, advancing your career through hands on experience is a suitable option. Assistant chef positions are a great opportunity to start taking more responsibility in the kitchen. It is advisable to complete Chef or Cooking training if you want to work in the food industry. You can find suitable training at most Universities of Technology in various cities across South Africa. Specialised chef and pastry chef training are also offered at other educational institutes which focus on culinary courses and skills.

Pastry chef presenting food

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