Chef Jobs in Johannesburg

If you are passionate about food then becoming a chef is a great career option. Although you can find employment as a trainee chef without any qualifications it is advisable to attend a reputable educational institute if you want to advance your career. Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced chef, you can find plenty of chef jobs in Johannesburg. Depending on your skills and experience you can find employment as a Head Chef, Sous Chef, >Station Chef or Pastry Chef.


Available Chef positions you might find :

Chef jobs can be found in a range of different settings including small restaurants and large establishments. Chefs are hired to prepare food and they usually work as part of a team. To become a chef you will need to enjoy cooking and be able to multi-task. Creativity is also a necessary attribute to create an appetising presentation of food in fine dining restaurants.

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The duties of a chef depend on the job title and the chef’s responsibilities may differ between each establishment. A Head Chef oversees the running of the kitchen. The Head Chef is responsible for making sure that everyday operations run smoothly and that staff members complete their jobs efficiently. Duties include menu planning and ordering the necessary ingredients for each dish.



Head Chefs are also responsible for hiring kitchen staff. Another important part of the kitchen team is the Sous Chef. The Sous Chef supervisors the cooking and may be involved in preparing some dishes. An essential part of the Sous Chef’s role in the kitchen is communicating with the kitchen staff to make sure that they work as a team to produce quality meals. The bulk of the cooking is completed by the Station Chefs. A Station Chef works on the cooking line and this includes Roast Cooks and Vegetable Cooks. Some restaurants also hire Pastry Chefs. Pastry Chefs are responsible for preparing baked dishes and desserts.


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