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With a wide variety of medical jobs available in South Africa, you can find a position that matches your qualifications and experience. From Biomedical Engineering to medical sales, positions in this sector require a diverse range of skills. Learning more about the careers that are available, will help you pick a position that suits you. Here are some of the medical job vacancies available in South Africa:


Biomedical Engineers

The main duty of Biomedical Engineers is to use engineering concepts as well as technology in the field of healthcare. Research and design are both tasks which are associated with this position. Another responsibility which you can expect to have as a Biomedical Engineer is overseeing the clinical equipment in healthcare settings. Employment is available in the manufacturing, service and research industries. A tertiary education as well as analytical and problem-solving skills are required for this position. If you excel at maths and science, why not consider a career in Biomedical Engineering?



Responsibilities in Orthopaedic positions include designing prosthetic devises. In an Orthopaedic position you will be required to assess the needs of your clients in order to find a suitable orthopaedic or prosthetic device for them. Once you have determined the client’s needs you will need to fit, test and adjust the device. Another activity which is associated with this position is teaching clients how to use and maintain the devices.


Medical Sales Representative

Sales positions are available in the medical sector. A relevant degree is required for these positions such as a Degree in BSc or in Health Science. Some positions require prior experience in the medical sector.


Distribution Pharmacist

Distribution Pharmacists are responsible for ensuring compliance with good manufacturing practice as well as quality standards. . A matric as well as a Bachelor of Pharmacy is required for this position. Distribution Pharmacists must be registered with the South African Pharmacy Council. If you have good supervisory skills and in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, you should consider a career in this field.


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    I always find that the advice given is perrtinent to the career in topic but what about those of us that has been chosen by our profesions and has to change from one to another at the age of 40 due to medical reasons?

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