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Do you have a passion for technology? Careers in IT offer you the opportunity to pursue your passion while making money. The growth of technology has resulted in an increase in the number of Testing jobs that are available across a wide range of industries. Browse through the listings on Job Mail for IT jobs.

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Communication skills as well as problem-solving capabilities are required to succeed in these IT jobs. Once you have gained experience there is room for progression to senior level positions. Working as a Tester your primary responsibility will be testing software. From the salary that you can expect to the daily tasks that you will perform, you can find out everything that you need to know from our blog.

What is a Tester?

IT Testers are required to detect and repair bugs in the programming and coding of software. Employees in this role are responsible for the quality assurance of software. They carry out tests to check that the software performs the tasks that it was developed for.

Software Testers check the systems with the aim of reducing the chances of software errors occurring. Professionals in this field play a vital role in the development on technological devices. When it comes to IT careers, working as a Tester is an opportunity to develop your skills so that you can progress to senior level positions.

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Description of a Testing job

Testers play a fundamental role in IT careers. The duties that form part of testing jobs differ from company to company. In start-up projects Testers are expected to review the software for potential risks. Later on in the development process running tests form a core part of the job.

In large companies a Tester may be required to focus on one project while employees in smaller companies are often required to perform tasks on multiple projects. Testers are expected to communicate with system users to gain a comprehensive understanding of what the program entails. They are also required to liaise with software developers as well as support staff.

The identification of business requirements is a task that is associated with this role. Testing jobs involve project planning as well as stress, performance, functional and scalability testing. Employees in this position are required to write test scripts.

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The duties of Testers include resource planning, problem solving and document analysis. Testers work according to deadlines and they are required to communicate their findings to the software development team.

Education and basic requirements of an IT Tester

Employees in IT jobs typically work during regular business hours however overtime may be required to meet deadlines. If the software is being deployed in different time zones, work outside these hours may also be necessary.

Testers spend most of their time working in an office behind a computer, just as most jobs in the IT careers. Testers have to work under pressure as the time for software deployment gets closer. Testing jobs are available across a wide range of sectors. Vacancies are available in financial services, healthcare and manufacturing. You can also find suitable positions in the media and retail industries.

Other options include the telecommunications and transport sectors. Once you have gained experience working for a company, you can consider becoming a freelancer. Self-employment will give you increased flexibility however the disadvantage is that it offers a less stable income.

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According to PayScale the average annual software testing salary is R194 089. Black Box Testing skills are associated with higher pay. Software Testers with C++ capabilities can also expect to earn more. Experience influences the salary of professionals in this field.

Work Environment of a Tester

A degree in Computer Science or IT is beneficial when you are looking for testing jobs. Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics degrees are also beneficial. Relevant training in software development is offered by private educational institutes in South Africa.

To succeed in software testing jobs you will need superior problem-solving skills. The ability to pay attention to detail is crucial for this role. Interpersonal and communication skills are required to perform the duties that form part of Tester jobs.

The ability to work as part of a team is beneficial. You will need to be reliable, trustworthy and self-motivated if you want to pursue any careers in it. Outstanding technical competencies and the ability to cope under pressure are other requirements.

Work experience will increase your chances of being hired, experience is highly valued in IT careers. If you want to develop your skills, you can find an internship. Once you have sufficient experience in the industry you can apply for senior level positions such as Test Manager or Team Leader positions.

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Specialising in an industry can also help you to progress to a more senior level position. Another option is to move into development once you have experience working as a Tester.

There is a lot of demand for IT jobs and on Job Mail can find Testing jobs advertised by both recruiters and companies.

Careers in IT – Working in Testing jobs
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Careers in IT – Working in Testing jobs
The growth of technology has resulted in an increase in the number of Testing jobs that are available across a wide range of industries.
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