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The rapid development of technology over the last decade has created a wide range of it jobs. When it comes to IT careers, SAP jobs provide excellent employment opportunities. From the expected SAP salary to SAP duties, you can find out everything that you need to know by reading our blog.

What is SAP?

So, what is SAP? Companies collect data from their daily transactions. In order to make best use of the data it is necessary to use a data management system. SAP is one of the leading global developers of enterprise software.


SAP software is designed for businesses to optimise Enterprise Resource Planning. Employees working in an SAP role need to have an in-depth understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each SAP software option.

They are responsible for matching the right SAP software to the needs of the company. The popularity of SAP software has created a demand for SAP experts. SAP employment opportunities are available on a part-time and full-time basis.

There are opportunities for self-employment or you can find SAP jobs at a consultancy. Your primary role in this position is to install and oversee SAP software for customers and the job itself can include project management, consulting, technicians and analyst positions.

What do SAP jobs entail?

SAP consultants assess the needs of the business, select the most appropriate software solutions and implement the software. As processes change the SAP software has to be customised accordingly. The SAP consultant is responsible for this customisation.

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During the implementation stage the SAP consultant customises the software so that it meets the client’s requirements. SAP jobs require an understanding of the specialised IT software and hardware as well as knowledge of business. All of these elements are vital when recommending software to the client.

The company’s structure will influence the SAP consultant’s choice of software. Other aspects that they are required to consider include the type of industry, size of the company as well as the number of employees. More complex considerations, such as the global market, are also relevant.

The unique needs of each company make the duties of SAP experts challenging. SAP experts can choose to specialise in business, solutions or technology. Business consultants specialise in the analysis of business processes.

Solutions experts select the best software. Consultants who specialise in these specific careers in IT have an in-depth understanding of how much the software can be customised. They also decide when add-ons need to be included in order to meet the company’s requirements.

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Experts in technology customise the system and ensure that it is implemented correctly. Specialised consultants work as part of a team to ensure that their clients are offered the best possible service. Team members need to communicate with each other effectively in order to complete their duties.

SAP Qualifications and Work Environment

SAP experts typically work in a comfortable office environment. They usually work a 40 hour work week in regular business hours. However, they may need to work overtime to meet tight deadlines. According to PayScale the average annual SAP salary is R 332 707 and the average hourly rate is R 407.

Skills needed for jobs in SAP

SAP jobs require good interpersonal skills. Employees in this role must have a SAP qualification as well as experience working with SAP software. To be eligible for this role, you will need superior analytical and problem-solving skills. The ability to meet deadlines is also important for this position.

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To be eligible for SAP vacancies, you will need superior negotiation and business capabilities. The ability to work as part of a team is important. To succeed as an SAP consultant you will need project management and organizational skills. As seen with many careers in IT, problem-solving skills are beneficial.

IT experience as well as qualifications are required for this position. You can gain relevant experience by finding information technology jobs or through internships. Relevant experience in the IT industry will increase your chances of being hired in a SAP role.

Once you have acquired the necessary skills, you can start your career as a junior consultant. While IT qualifications are beneficial, you will also need to complete training in SAP software. SAP offers an extensive range of training programs. From an overview of the basics to specialised technical training, you can get relevant courses from SAP.

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As is the case in all IT jobs, this position requires continuous development in order to keep up with advancements in the industry.

The high income for SAP consultants is an advantage of this career. While you have an opportunity to earn a good salary, there is plenty of competition for careers in the SAP field.

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