Career Opportunities with a degree in International Relations

So you have an interest in the world around you and want to go into a career that reflects this? You want to do something that will have big implications on your work and the people you work with? Getting a degree in International Relations will do just that. Our world is becoming ever more interconnected due to all of the technology that we make use of. Being able to address the concerns of your international partners is becoming very important. If you already have your degree then you can search for International Relations jobs in Job Mail’s Public Relations job category. If not then allow us to give you some more insight into the world of International Relations jobs in South Africa.


What does a career in International Relations entail?

International Relations have to do with the study of many different aspects in society. These range from foreign policy to international conflict and negotiations. This can also include negative aspects of international society like war, tourism, nuclear proliferation, international trade embargoes and economics, just to name a few. As you can see from the many different fields of study, you will need an interdisciplinary approach to International Relations careers. You will have to have knowledge on the fields of political science, economics, sociology, law, and even the psychology of people in power and those they govern.

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Job opportunities

If you think that getting a degree in International Relations will mean you have to work for the government, then you are misunderstanding this profession. Although there are indeed many government positions that require this, there are also a lot of private companies that will hire you. We will go through the various fields that would have job openings for an International Relations graduate.

Political & Government jobs


If you want to get into the government arena then a degree in International Relations will definitely get your foot in the door. You can go into a policy analyst position or a legislative aid. You can also work in the foreign services department when you will be liaising with foreign officials and their assistants. The diplomacy, security and intelligence departments are also looking for people with the same qualities.

Business & Law jobs


If a government job doesn’t do it for you then there are other alternatives, the fields of law and business also have openings for International Relations jobs in South Africa. Due to the fact that the world is getting so small because of the heightened interconnectivity, there is a lot of space for businesses to grow globally and therefore need someone to manage the legal implications they might come across.

Import and export companies would need people to manage and inform the company of trade regulations and restrictions and the policies that are present in our countries. If you have some finance education as well you could find work at a bank or investment firm handling the international transactions and payments.

Nonprofit organizations

There are many nonprofit organizations that operate on an international scale and they need people who understand the various ways that different countries operate and how their legal systems work. The nice thing here is the diversity in your daily routines. You will most likely have to work with multiple countries and various different legal representatives here so the experience you will receive will be great. Think of a company like the Red Cross for example that provides services in over 100 different countries around the world.


Language jobs

Seeing as you will be dealing with a lot of different languages, you will start becoming proficient in them. Once you have acquired a fluency then you can start looking for interpreter jobs. You career outlook here is heavily dependent on your fluency and ability to speak and translate multiple languages.


How to qualify for International Relations jobs in South Africa

In order to qualify for International Relations careers you will need to complete a three year degree in Political Sciences. This can be done at any of the major universities in South Africa or via correspondence through the University of South Africa.


It’s also a great idea to take a course in the language that you might encounter to make your work easier. This will make hiring you more preferable as an employer would rather hire a person who doesn’t need an interpreter. You can also find employment relatively easily as being able to speak multiple languages fluently is a rare skill to have on your CV.

Here are some International Relations jobs on Job Mail

Communications Executive


Liaison Officer


Safex Trading Manager


If you have a love for other cultures and languages then why not review the different types of International Relations jobs in South Africa? International Relations can offer you a great career path. If you want up-to-date job offers then register you CV on Job Mail today and start applying for International Relations careers.


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